I got my ballot, I got my Orange Crush.

Peggy Nash, here’s lookin’ at you.

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3 Responses to I got my ballot, I got my Orange Crush.

  1. Cort Greene says:

    If there was only a Rojo Rojito in the bunch to choose from in the NDP it would be a little easier but at least Nash has labour roots and hopefully she fights and stands by them.

    I would have gone for Niki Ashton and even that is no bright light.


    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yeah, none of them are the next Tommy Douglas. And Niki pretty much screwed it as far as I’m concerned with her waffling on the long-gun registry. (That’s non-negotiable for anyone who remembers the Montréal Massacre.) Oh well, as long as it’s not Mulcair or Topp. The media are flogging those two like mad. You’d think it was a two-horse race already, and it’s not.

  2. Cort Greene says:

    Understandable, reading your post on massacre made me want to cry.


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