Quotable: Tariq Ali on the “lone gunman” of Afghanistan

“It’s hardly a secret that most Afghans are opposed to the occupation of their country. Occupying soldiers are well aware of the fact. The ‘enemy’ is not hidden. It is the public. So wiping out women and children is part of the war. Helicopter gunships, bomber jets and drones are more effective killers than ‘lone’ gunmen. The situation in Afghanistan today is so dire that the occupying forces have no way of telling whether Afghans working with them are actually on their side or not. Some of the recent attacks on US and Nato soldiers have come from Afghans wearing police and military uniforms tailored by Nato. So everyone is now the enemy – even the puppet president Karzai, who knows his days are numbered though he, at least, has a few safe havens and numbered bank accounts waiting for him. For the US, the contradictions are implacable. The Afghans want them out and the war has become unwinnable.”

–Tariq Ali, “The Not So Lone Gunman”, LRB Blog

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  1. Crazy Vet says:

    Pull out of the ‘ghan’ now. right now. One of my pals is doing his 7th! tour (2 CER) there, and he says it’s a complete waste of time. I would have to agree.

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