The JFK assassination hoax that refuses to die

Oh, Che. What would you say if you knew how much of this struggle still remains to be fought…and how much ground the good guys have lost since you lost your last fight? Case in point: this professional liar from The Gang That Could Not Shoot Straight. This is what we North Americans are up against:

Brian Latell, who studied Cuban affairs as a CIA analyst in the 1960s and became the agency’s chief intelligence officer for Latin America, says in a book that he is certain Castro at least knew the attack was going to happen.

On the morning of 22 November 1963, the day Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Castro ordered a senior intelligence officer in Havana to stop listening for non-specific CIA radio communications and to concentrate instead on “any little detail, any small detail from Texas”, Latell claims in his book Castro’s Secrets – the CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine, due to be published next month.

Four hours later, came news that Kennedy was dead.

Latell claims Castro was aware that Oswald, who had been denied a visa to visit Cuba at the embassy in Mexico City, told staff there he was going to murder Kennedy to prove his communist allegiance. “Fidel knew of Oswald’s intentions and did nothing to deter the act,” Latell writes.

Uh, that would be because Fidel wasn’t handling Oswald. Nor was any Cuban or Russian agency, come to that. Lee Harvey Oswald was a US intelligence operative, and no one else’s. He was trained in Russian during his days in the US Marine Corps and subsequently tracked U-2 flights over Russia via radar from the Atsugi military base. Later, he “defected” (note the quotation marks) in order to gather intelligence from inside the Soviet Union. When that mission failed, he was brought back home, with Soviet wife and USSR-born daughter in tow. It’s highly UNlikely that if Oswald really were a communist defector that so many strings would have been pulled to return him to the United States. And it’s not as if he couldn’t get by in the USSR, either; he was so thoroughly trained in the language, and so fluent, that when he met his wife-to-be, Marina, she at first thought that he was a Russian, too.

As for Oswald’s alleged pro-Castro leanings, those have long been debunked by real pro-Castro activists in the US, as well as Fidel Castro himself. The Fair Play for Cuba Committee, of which Oswald was allegedly a member, did not have an actual New Orleans chapter. The sole “member” of this fraudulent FPCC chapter was Oswald, who also used the alias Alek Hidell (Alek being the first name he went by during his stint in the USSR; “Hidell” because it “rhymed” with Fi-del, at least if “Fidel” were mispronounced in a New Orleans accent. Oswald was a native of New Orleans.) The phony FPCC membership was cover for Oswald’s real activities, which were as anti-Castro as it got. He was part of an assassination plot that was to involve injecting Fidel with a virulent cancer virus originally obtained from African monkeys. And who better to explain it all than the woman who knew Oswald perhaps the most intimately during the last year of his life?

Oh dear. That puts quite a different light on this whole story, does it not?

As for why Fidel would be watching JFK’s every move as closely as he was, that’s easy to explain. The man tried to kill him, duh. The Bay of Pigs was (luckily) a fiasco, and the Cuban Missile Crisis was a logical defensive tit-for-tat. Cuba was and still remains under grave threat of war from Gringolandia. Fidel is no fool; of course he’d want to have his intelligence officers keep a close watch on someone like JFK. But that doesn’t mean he wanted him dead, or that he was even a little bit in on any plot against him. He was no doubt well aware of the heavy influence the anti-Castro ex-Cubans had, both on Washington policy and in the southern states, particularly Florida, Lousiana…and Texas. And he was undoubtedly aware, too, that those ex-Cubans, and their Mafia and CIA comrades, had more than enough motive, means and opportunity to do away with anyone who stood in their way, even if that someone was the president of the United States himself. After all, they were HIS enemies, too.

But most significantly of all, Fidel Castro had every reason NOT to want JFK dead. For starters, because of the shitstorm of retaliation it would bring down on Cuba and the hard-fought young Cuban Revolution. The island would not survive a full-fledged war action, and Fidel, not being stupid, knew that full well. But also, and this is key, because JFK was putting out covert feelers toward peace talks, as was Fidel himself. The go-between was a US journalist, Lisa Howard. She had the trust of both leaders, and handled the matter with great tact and delicacy. She also ascertained that both men wanted rapprochement. It’s a pity that nothing was done with her highly important findings; the relationship between the US and Cuba today would be very different from what it is, to say the least.

And of course, JFK’s disgust with the CIA, and his threat to gut it, was and is no secret, either. It came right on the heels of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. JFK was also planning to start withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. That was the CIA’s war, and they were fighting tooth and nail to keep it going. They were not above doing the dirtiest things imaginable in ‘Nam. Would they be above assassinating the very man who had the most power to stop them? You tell me.

And now one of the “Cuba experts” from that same gang of mobsters is teaching classes (in Miami, appropriately) in the subject, and writing books on it? I think I’ll save my money on this one. When a so-called intelligence outfit is so inept that it tried 638 times to kill Fidel Castro, and the latter is still alive to tell of all that AND how shocked he was to hear of JFK’s demise, it doesn’t take an intelligence analyst to know that we’re being fed yet another periodic truckload of anti-Cuban mierda.

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