A novel use for eggs and yogurt

What happens when you host a neo-Nazi on your TV show in Greece? Nothing…for about a week. And then, you get THIS:

According to Russia Today, here’s what happened:

A Greek TV host has become the target of a massive egg-and-yoghurt attack carried out by leftist activists angry that he had invited a member of a neo-Nazi party onto his show the previous week. Panagiotis Vourhas was interviewing a local politician on Friday when a group of 17 intruders with their faces hidden behind handkerchiefs broke into the studio, Associated Press reports, citing private channel Epiros TV1. The video from the Epiros TV1 shows the disgruntled presenter cleaning his laptop as protesters keep pelting him with eggs and yoghurt.

They also broke out in anti-Nazi chants, as you can hear. If anyone who knows Greek can tell me exactly what was said, please feel free to leave a comment in the slot below. Efharisto!

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One Response to A novel use for eggs and yogurt

  1. st3pp3nw0lf says:

    Not so novel in Greece, actually. Anyway. They’re chanting slogans like ‘teevee, cops, neo-nazis, all bastards are working together’ or something along these lines and they’re letting him know the reason for the feat (‘so you brought a fascist in here, huh?’), among other things. Funny, I did not have a clue that this channel even existed, it’s local as far I can tell. I do live in Greece and I’m a journo, but I’m not very fond of greek teevee. And that’s putting it mildly.

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