Dear Harper Government™: Fuck You. Love, Quebec.

And thanks so much for forgetting the Montréal Massacre, too. It only took you bastards 23 years to set us collectively back half a century. Bray-fucking-vo. Meanwhile, les Québécois(es) se souviennent:

On a day the government fulfilled a long-standing goal and saw legislation to destroy the federal long-gun registry set to receive royal assent, it was stymied in a Quebec courtroom.

Quebec Superior Court stepped in and ordered a delay in the deletion of registry data from that province, following a request by the provincial government.

The court has granted the reprieve until further motions for an injunction can be argued in a Montreal courtroom next week, as the Quebec-Ottawa registry fight moves to its next phase. The province wants to keep the data for Quebec so that it can set up its own provincial registry.

In the interim, the registry will continue to function in Quebec — long arms will continue to be registered and the information will be kept for now.

“For the moment, it’s the status quo that is maintained. The information will continued to be registered,” said Quebec government lawyer Eric Dufour.

“The information will be continued to be amassed for an eventual provincial database.”

Vive la Belle Province! (And could you PLEASE liberate the rest of us from these woman-hating hacks?)

PS: And a special fuck-you to John Fucking Williamson. Using the words of a GUNSHOT MURDER VICTIM to celebrate the untrammelled right to murder weapons? Welcome to my wankapedia, you quote-twisting dirty fucking BASTARD.

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6 Responses to Dear Harper Government™: Fuck You. Love, Quebec.

  1. thx1138 says:

    The sad thing with John Williamson is that he is not bright enough to realize that he’s an asshole.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Indeed. And the sadder thing is, there are people even dumber than he is; they VOTED for him.

  2. Alberta says:

    Quebec the cry babies of canada. I wish thay would seperate leave the land and move out of canada all together.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yeah? Well, “Alberta”, a.k.a., YOU can fuck off first. Wanker.

    • marie montreal says:

      I can’t decide whether to report ‘Stanley from Alberta’ to the network administrator for the aggressive tone of his slander or for his yes-I’m-totally-dumber-than-a-fifth-grader spelling? Decisions, decisions people! Why is it always that those with the most hateful opinions seem to have so much trouble with the basic mechanics of language? I guess its just really frustrating to be that ignorant!

  3. Paul says:

    What I don’t understand is how Quebec will register them, when the actual database is not in Quebec and under federal jurisdiction; people are already transfering firearms without registering them. In 30 days, the data will be redundant anyway.

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