Festive Left Friday Blogging: Two years on the tweeter

A little birdie told me that someone is celebrating his second anniversary on a certain microblogging platform tomorrow:

And that means it’ll be two years on there for me as well, since I joined shortly after Chavecito did.

What’s most amusing for me of late is following the cheeping disociad@s of Venevisión, who kvetch constantly about Chavecito’s “twittergobierno” — which happened as a result of his being out of sight while he underwent chemo in Cuba. As anyone who’s ever been through chemo or known someone who has can tell you, that shit is tiring and makes you feel sicker than the cancer itself does. You don’t want to eat much, do much or even talk much. So it stands to reason that Chavecito was out of sight for a while, communicating publicly only through the occasional burst of tweeting. Of course, sensible explanations won’t stop the insane speculations. But I guess they all had to eat their tweets when the object of their ire suddenly turned up back in Caracas, very much alive and very disappointingly (for the oppos, anyway) NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

And come October 7, we can expect to see more “twittergobierno” still, since Chavecito will be re-elected. And @chavezcandanga will go on tweeting.

¡Pa’lante, Comandante!

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