So much for the Great Liberal Conspiracy Theory!

Remember Vikileaks, when a certain adulterous SupposiTory got his comeuppance via the tweeting of publicly available details of his scandalous divorce? Sure you do. And now, the guy who tweeted those deets reveals all. And it isn’t what the SupposiTories think/wish, either:

Adam Carroll, who was fired as manager of caucus resources for the Liberal research bureau when his involvement with the Vikileaks30 account was uncovered, told members of Commons ethics committee Tuesday that he volunteered to testify before them out of respect for Parliament and to bring the matter to a close.


“I, and I alone, am the author of that Vikileaks30 posting site,” Mr. Carroll said. “I was never ordered or asked to do it. I never discussed my actions with any member of Parliament including [Bob Rae,] the Interim Leader of the Liberal Party.”

Under questioning from Conservatives who did their best to implicate other Liberals in the Twitter feed, Mr. Carroll said Mr. Rae had fired him when his actions were exposed. The Liberal chief later apologized in the Commons for Mr. Carroll’s actions.

But Mr. Carroll said he had no regrets about what he had done. All of the information that was posted was already on the public record and obtained from accessible sources, he said. And the Twitter site was created as a reaction to legislation introduced by Mr. Toews that would allow police to “spy” on the on-line activities of Canadians without a judicial order.

In defending the bill, Mr. Toews “infamously challenged all Canadians to ‘either stand with us or with the child pornographers,’” Mr. Carroll told the committee. “Like most Canadians I was deeply offended by the minister’s aggressive and deeply polarizing language.

Mr. Carroll said he published the first few tweets from home and then posted others from the computer in his office within the Liberal research bureau.

But he questioned the rationale for the investigation that was launched by Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer to uncover his identity given that “no laws had been broken nor [was there] any evidence that any policies had been breeched.”

But wait…that’s not the best part. Read on:

When Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, asked where Mr. Carroll obtained the court documents, Mr. Carroll said they were freely available in the Liberal office.

The Conservatives, who more than once accused Mr. Carroll of “playing the victim,” repeatedly demanded to know the names of people who had access to the documents – a line of questioning the opposition New Democrats charged was designed to obtain secret intelligence about the Liberal Party.

The Conservatives also insisted on finding out whether Mr. Carroll had received severance pay when he was let go. He refused to answer that question and Scott Andrews, the Liberal MP on the committee, suggested the Tories consult the compensation rules that apply to their own staff because they would be the same as those that cover Liberal aides.

Eventually Mr. Del Mastro told the committee that, from what he had heard, it was obvious Mr. Carroll could not have set up the Twitter account by himself and that he had to have been put up to it by the Liberal Party.

“This was nothing but a partisan activity with co-ordination from the Liberal Leader’s office and I believe you took a bullet for the team,” he said. To which Mr. Carroll replied: “I disagree with everything Mr. Del Mastro has said. To use his words ‘baseless smears’ or, in the acronym, B.S.”



That “playing the victim” is pretty funny, too, considering that that’s what the SupposiTories have been doing all along. And they haven’t been doing a very convincing job of it. Considering that the cyberspying law they wanted to push through would have made victims of us all, they have some gall claiming that anyone who reminds the public of known facts is some kind of pedo-pornographer.

But yeah, there does seem to be some kind of conspiracy afoot…and it’s not the NDP (the original suspects) or the Liberals (the current suspects) perpetuating it. Guess who?

NDP MP Charlie Angus called Mr. Del Mastro’s accusations “conspiracy theories” and asked Mr. Carroll if he had any idea why the committee would be investigating Mr. Toews’s messy divorce.

“I have also been wondering that same question for myself,” the former Liberal staffer replied. “This is a sideshow, this is a distraction. The circumstances and events came out right when their robo-call scandal was beginning to break and this seemed like a very convenient way to turn the channel.”

Yep…that’s just what I thought, too.

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5 Responses to So much for the Great Liberal Conspiracy Theory!

  1. Neil Hodgins says:

    I think the most entertaining aspect is that when the Con chuckleheads are confronted with someone armed with the truth and unafraid for himself that they are invariably shown for the hollow, bullying, dumbfuck poseurs that they are. Dean Del Mastro is an tiny minded, buffoonish oaf who is an embarrassment to my hometown of Peterborough and Vic Toews’ see-through hypocrisy, family values BS, and hatred for democracy makes him a stain on this country’s good name and reputation. What utter fools…

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Neil, you have my most heartfelt sympathies for being represented by that dumb clod. We have a marginally smarter clod down here in Northumberland County, but he’s still a SupposiTory when all’s said. Bog willing, they’ll ALL be history in the next election…barring another fucking robocall scandal.

  2. Neil Hodgins says:

    Actually my current MP is worse than Del Mastro — it’s Jimbo “Fuck the Poor and Throw ’em In Jail” Flaherty. Peterborough was , and always will be, my hometown (despite having been born and spending my first ten years in T.O.), but I live in Flaherty’s riding unfortunately. Personally I hope the robocall scandal wide open and the GG declares the Harperreich illegitimate and tosses them out on their fat treasonous asses. Either that or we have a peaceful “Maple Syrup Revolution” that accomplishes the same

  3. rww says:

    Fortunately the Tories are arrogant enough that if a the pressure is kept up enough they might just call an election to shut the opposition up, secure in their victory because they know they are always right about everything.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Either that, or they’ll prorogue Parliament just because they now have a “majority” and they can.

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