Festive Left Friday Blogging Too: Casserole protest in Montréal

A beautifully shot music video of the pot-banger that’s making the rounds of the Internets as of this afternoon, according to the HuffyPo.

This is the kind of protest they call a cacerolazo in Latin America…literally, a “big one with casserole pots”! And yes, it IS big, with close to half a million people turning out to protest against Law 78, Jean Charest’s draconian anti-protest law that was supposed to get students off the street, back into the classrooms, and back into debt like good little sheeple.

Well, that move was an Epic Fail. The protest is much bigger than just the student population, as you can see in the video, where marchers of all ages come together. Everyone’s willing to risk arrest…or defy it, as the case may be. How many cops will it take to arrest nearly half a million angry students and residents? Anyone taking bets?

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