Music for a Sunday: Sensitive, open and strong

An unofficial (i.e., fan-made) video for Rush’s excellent “Natural Science” (from Permanent Waves).

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  1. MS says:

    BillORights man told me to repost this info posted today at another forum. On Chavez…
    You should see what they’re doing with Chavez now, the “press” that is. One of the 5 Latin American leaders being treated for cancer this past year — out of only 15 South American countries, which is of course one third of them….but… who’s counting…?

    He has been getting treatments in Cuba for his cancer – As we saw in Moore’s film, they appear to have decent medical care down there. He was just on TeeVee when he returned back home from the last radiation, saying his treatments were successful, he was feeling great and did something like 4 hrs on the air to prove it. Said during his recovery he would probably only be working 8 hr days.

    Well, Zoellick, Pres of the “World” Bank, comes out and declares to the mainstream “press” that Chavez is on his last leg and dying, in fact, will be dead in a few months – according to an anonymous but trusted “inside source”…. The lapdog chorus picks it up and headlines are blasted out to the world! “Last leg!” “Will be dead in months!” “Chavez dying!”– which local writers are claiming is BS.

    But here’s the clencher. The Presidential election is in October. And it gets better…

    Refresh back to just how many times we – the US – have tried to take down this BeepBeep Southern Hemispheric Leftist RoadRunner – and failed.

    We tried giving him our lovely but hackable ESS election equipment for one election and he caught us midway during the vote when he realized there was no way those numbers could be right. He went direct to Omaha in a private plane and made the ESS engineers and techies fly to Venezuela to fix the fixed tabulators or he was calling off the election. That was ESS’s last run in Venezuela. (PS those are the guys who now control and count 80% of US elections….)

    Then …we staged that coup, tried to assassinate him and topple the entire government but …. BeepBeep. The people wouldn’t stand for it and BeeBeep, back he came!

    Now he gets this cancer and we have Zoellick and the entire Usual Suspects in mass media screaming at us, pronouncing him dead right before his re-election…mid campaign…. but HERE is the juicy part about it.

    His opponent?

    You’z gonna die.

    It’s one Henrique Capriles Radonski, —>> “a neoconservative known for his violent role in the April 2002 coup d’etat against Chavez”.

    That was the coup WE staged. Our coup attempt. Our dude. As is any violent neoconservative good ole boy in the world.

    So any surprise the “press” is shouting out to the world and in particular to Venezuelan voters that the dude they always vote in by a large margin is about to…. drop dead any second now?? I was disappointed to even see Dan Rather joining in the chorus, citing the same anony source…. but he has come within inches of being destroyed by TPTB and may well have had one too many threats himself that he has to carry their water now. Venezuelan reporters are still maintaining it’s US propaganda but who knows what to believe anymore? I would bank on it being propapress because it fits the Cui Bono question so neatly.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Thank you! Any friend of BillORightsMan is a friend of mine. And thanks, too, for reminding me that I forgot to wank-list Zoellick. Ah well, no time like the present…

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