Clip ‘n’ Save: How to tell off a teabag

Pleasant this is not. But satisfying? Oh, yeah.

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2 Responses to Clip ‘n’ Save: How to tell off a teabag

  1. thwap says:

    That was fucking awesome.

    They don’t get told how completely stupid they are often enough.

  2. the Viggen says:

    Of course, when he disolves his company, he can live off of the proceeds of selling it. Heck, as a single man in Ontario, I only work 4-5 months a year, any more and my total tax rate exceed 50%. I don’t need a lot of stuff, so I’d rather work for myself, than for the government. Rightly or wrongly, there is a perception of assistance program abuse, and some people swallow it. Having lived in Jane-Finch for 5 years, I’ve seen some questionable things, yet I still don’t know who is credible.

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