Music for a Sunday: Sadness made a samba

There are plenty of good covers of this bossa nova classic by Carlos Lyra and Ronaldo Bôscoli, including the one by Marissa (on the Putumayo Brazilian Lounge CD). The lyrics go as follows:

Let my samba know everything without you;
I don’t believe my samba depends on you alone.
The pain is mine, it hurts inside me
The fault is yours, the samba is mine
So let’s not fight anymore —
Sadness made a samba in your stead.

Translation mine.

Caetano Veloso rocks it up a bit, as he’s done with so many of the greats, but keeps the laid-back bossa mood intact. After all, this is a song about saudade — a Brazilian-Portuguese word that has no exact English translation, but that can mean a variety of related things: here, I went with sadness, but more specifically it’s the blues, yearning, a nostalgic longing for a loved one who’s no longer there, or even looking hopefully forward to seeing that someone again, though with no guarantee of it actually happening. It’s a feeling that pervades a great many bossas.

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