Strange bedfellows, but sincerely pro-peace

Here’s something you probably won’t see on your nightly news, tonight or any night:

Actually, this video is mislabelled. These are not Israeli leaders, but members of Neturei Karta — an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect opposed to Zionism. They oppose Israel in its current form because it was not founded on the laws set forth in the Torah. In other words, without the arrival of a messiah to herald the nation. (NK belief holds that not until the Messiah comes can there be a nation of Israel.) They also find Israel too secular and godless; a bit ironic, since other ultra-orthodox Jews are gaining increasing sway over the Israeli government, and THOSE guys are banging the drums for war against Iran.

Still, it’s heartening to see that the media image of Iran (and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!) as dangerously anti-Semitic is really a steaming load of bullshit. As is the idea that all Jews support war against Iran. Seeing as Iran is the home of the third-largest Persian Jewish population in the world, it would be self-destructive and counter-productive to wage war against it; Iranian Jews and Muslims alike would be killed. As odd as the NK may seem, I get the impression that they are sincere in their wishes for peace.

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  1. Monmick says:

    So that’s where they are keeping the Stanley Cup during the lockout…

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