They have some nerve.

This arrived in my mail yesterday:

It came courtesy of my local MP, a SupposiTory no doubt looking to shore up support for the unpopular Harper Government™ and its disgusting immigration policies.

And, seeing as Kimberly Rivera is due to be deported today, and things are also looking bad for an Iranian woman facing a stoning death in her former homeland, well…let’s just say that the timing could not be more opportune. So I filled out the attached pre-paid response coupon, minus name and address, but using all available space to let them know how Canadians of conscience really feel.

If you got one like it, I suggest you do the same. Won’t cost you anything but five minutes’ time and a trip to the nearest mailbox. They might have the chutzpah to slur war resisters and legitimate refugees as criminals, and wash their hands of humanity like Pontius Pilate, but this is a good way to let them know that far more Canadians see through their bullshit.

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1 Response to They have some nerve.

  1. Walt Heinziew says:

    I’ll proudly include my name and contact info! Who knows, maybe they’ll put me on their robocalls list and I can challenge them on another issue.

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