Operation Caymans, plus a post-Sandy roundup of sorts

Two funny folks went to the sunny place where Mitt Romney hides his pieces-of-eight, and discover a real-life pirate’s nest.

It’s not exactly a big secret that Mr. R-Money is a big fan of the Caymans, since his partyboat bears their flag. And he’s not releasing his tax returns, which is rather highly suspicious, don’t you think?

But hey, this stuff is an awful downer, considering that people in New York (who probably don’t have money stashed offshore, let alone in the Caymans) are drowning in rat-infested floodwaters right now, when they’re not struggling to feed themselves or going on Craigslist to get their starving, rat-eaten butts laid. So let’s just remember that Mr. Mittens also talked of privatizing FEMA, and enjoy this wacky jogger who decided to welcome the storm while wearing a fake horse’s head.

PS: Please also enjoy his rollerblading unicorn cousin.

PPS: Perhaps our two equine shirtless dudes are just happy that the wild ponies of Chincoteague are safe? I know I am.

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