Festive Left Friday Blogging: El Ecuadorable is looking good!


And not just in the obvious sense, either (although damn, dude is HOT). Get a load of his numbers as his re-election campaign kicks off:

President-candidate Rafael Correa has 57% support among voters in Ecuador, according to the latest poll by Opinión Pública Ecuador.

Director Santiago Pérez added that 12% of those surveyed left their forms blank because they had not decided yet. In third place was the former banker, Guillermo Lasso, with 12%; 6% annulled their votes; and, barely in fifth place, was former president Lucio Gutiérrez, with 5%. The former president of the Constitutional Assembly, Alberto Acosta, had 4% of the vote; Alvaro Noboa had 2%. The candidates with less than 1% each were Norman Wray, Nelson Zabala, and Mauricio Rodas.

The other important fact is that 57% of respondents had already decided on their votes, much different from the 40% who were already decided by this time in the last presidential election, in 2009.

Since the electoral campaigns began on January 4, this survey may be considered a snapshot of the beginning of the campaign.


The survey was conducted on January 10, on a nationwide level, with 2,570 persons over the age of 16 consulted directly, in their homes. They were selected at random based on the last census and the electoral register.

Rafael Correa has increased his support by 6 percentage points since the last Opinión Pública Ecuador survey, done on December 15. Guillermo Lasso is down by 3 percentage points from the same survey. According to Santiago Pérez, however, this decrease is within the range of the poll’s margin of error.

Translation mine.

Margin of error or not, it’s pretty obvious that El Ecuadorable is all but a shoo-in at this point. And why not? He’s already proved all the critics wrong. Despite enormous pressures from Big Foreign Oil and CIA-backed putschists, he’s very much in charge of an increasingly stable and prospering Ecuador. I suspect that most of my future posts on him will be sheer pr0n, but I doubt anyone will complain.

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