The CIA’s influence in Chile…and its designs on Ecuador

Chilean journalist Patricio Mery Bell drops a number of bombshells about the CIA’s covert activities in his country and in Ecuador. Here’s the main gist, from Global Research:

Bell first voiced his concerns for the safety of President Correa three months ago when he released a report claiming the CIA sought to “destabilize” Ecuador. He said that the threat to Correa’s life would be at its height from January 15 and onwards, as Correa applies to run for another presidential term.

“We will have to be three times more vigilant with President Correa,” Bell said in an interview with publication El Ciudadano. Bell maintained that although he was not a staunch supporter of Correa, it was his duty as a Latin American citizen to warn of the alleged $88-million CIA plot to destabilize the Ecuadorian government.

The journalist believes that this money will be divided amongst extremist anarchist, leftist and hardline conservative groups, in the hopes of discrediting Correa.

Bell claimed in his report that the main motives behind the CIA plot were the closing of the US Manta military base, hailed as a victory for Ecuadorian national sovereignty, and the granting of asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

There’s plenty more in the video, too. Mery Bell notes that drug interceptions in Ecuador went up, not down as predicted, when the Manta base was closed. He suspects (and he’s not the first to say as much) that the CIA is in fact a leading drug smuggler still, and that it has interfered in elections all over Latin America to make sure that the flow of illegal drugs continues unabated. He also ties the CIA to Chile’s current president, Sebastián Piñera, saying they helped to “elect” him, and references the agency’s now well-known role in the coup against Salvador Allende.

As for the agency’s role in Ecuador, and its long history of interference there, I can recommend no better reading than ex-operative Philip Agee’s book, Inside the Company: CIA Diary. Agee was stationed in Ecuador in the 1960s, when a lot of truly subversive shit went down, and were he still living, he would probably confirm what Patricio Mery Bell asserts above, namely that the agency has long supported agitating groups of various stripes to render Ecuador ungovernable, unstable…and thus, permanently in need of US “help”.

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