Walter Martínez debunks a disgusting rumor

Apparently there’s been yet another dirty lie circulating on the Internets about the health of a certain popular Venezuelan president. A video has surfaced, purporting to show him in a “critical” state. Would it surprise you greatly to know that the man in the video above isn’t Chavecito? And that Venezuelan journalist Walter Martínez has some very harsh words for the asshole who spread that lie around?

The host of VTV’s program “Dossier”, Walter Martínez, debunked the video which is making the rounds of the social networks, in which President Chávez is supposedly seen during his operation, performed on December 11, 2012.

“This is one more filthy lie, which is being circulated in the electronic media,” Martínez said.

Martínez also condemned the attitude of the Panamanian ex-ambassador, Guillermo Cochez, who retransmitted the video to make people believe that it was Chávez who appeared in it.”

“This is not the 30 seconds the ex-ambassador showed, but the entire three minutes of an intervention to save the life of a patient, 48 years of age, whom they were trying to intubate in order to perform a resection of a hypophyseal adenoma,” Martínez explained.

Martínez explained the procedure on the video step by step, and revealed the year in which the video had originally appeared on the Internet: “They published it in 2008. It has nothing to do with what this coprófago, the former ambassador of Panama to the Organization of American States (OAS), was trying to do when he took 30 seconds of the video, from a certain angle, and showed it to everyone in Washington.”

Translation mine.

Coprófago is a very nice, medical-Greek Spanish way of saying “shit-eater”, literally.

Walter Martínez uses another word, too, one not medicalese, but a Spanish word which has no English translation: cochinada, a noun which implies piggishness and sloppiness. (Incidentally, there is a German equivalent: Schweinerei.) He incorporates that very skilfully into a play on the name of the ex-ambassador, Cochez, “or Cochon”, he says. Cochon is French for pig.

Yes, that’s right, he called the ex-ambassador of Panama to the OAS a shit-eating pig.

I’m sure the pigs have every right to feel grievously insulted, as do the shit-eaters of the world.

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