Festive Left Friday Blogging: Evo and Eva meet again

The president of Bolivia gets together with Eva Golinger on her talk show, “Behind the News”, to talk about everything from soup to nuts…or in this case, from quinoa to imperialism. Here’s a short summary for those who don’t speak Spanish:

Evo Morales reaffirmed during his interview with Eva Goliger his position regarding the role of the United States in attempted coups d’état, denounced by various Latin American leaders such as those of Venezuela and Ecuador, who maintain that several toppled governments and assassinations in Latin America were the doing of the US.

Morales told Russia Today that Bolivia has no plans to receive a new US ambassador. “We are not interested, the return of the US ambassador would not help us in any way. As always, the US ambassadors only plan how to do away with anti-imperialist governments, even to the point of coups.”

When asked if he considered that anything had changed in the current relationship between Washington and La Paz, the Bolivian president said no: “I don’t believe so. They have clearly defined politics. They correspond to a system, a new interventionist model, so I doubt anything’s changed.”

On the subject of the economy, Morales opined that the capitalist system “will never resolve the problems of poverty and injustice.” He added that it would be difficult to achieve changes as long as the US “continues to bow to elites, ruling classes, and transnationals who concentrate capital in few hands and generate much poverty all over the planet.”

Translation mine.

Evo was recently in Venezuela, hoping to meet with Chavecito, but the latter seems to have had a setback in his recovery; his respiratory problems have resurfaced, so he can’t see any fellow heads of state yet. Here’s hoping that his situation improves soon; the only thing I like better than seeing any of these Bolivarian leaders is seeing all of them together!

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