It’s been a year…

It’s been a year today that Trayvon Martin was murdered. It was his 18th birthday a short while back, and he wasn’t there to celebrate it. Meanwhile, his killer is still trying to make out like Trayvon was somehow “asking for it” by being out on the streets in a hoodie, carrying iced tea and candy…and being black. (Even calling it “God’s will” at one incredible point.) Trayvon’s family are still hurting; they’ll never be able to think about him without pain because he’s not there anymore. He’ll never go to college, never study aeronautical engineering, never fulfill an ambition, never be the productive adult citizen he wanted to be. And all because some racist thug decided to project his own prejudices on an innocent kid. The legal wheels are turning, but they are oh, so slow. Would it be this way if Trayvon were a white boy?

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