Globomojón is in trouble!


Well. THIS is a shocker. From Venezuelanalysis, news you won’t hear every day in the crapaganda media (to which Globomojón belongs):

Globovision, an opposition news television station, announced yesterday that it has accepted a buyout offer, to be carried out after the 14 April presidential elections.

Various Globovision spokespeople attributed the sale to supposed operational and profitability issues, on which they blamed the Venezuelan government.

According to Globovision’s majority owner, Guillermo Zuloaga, the group buying the channel is headed by Juan Domingo Cordero, who also runs an insurance company, Vitalicia. According to El Nacional, Cordero has also been on the executive boards of the stock exchange, another insurance company, and a small bank.

“We are economically unviable, because our revenues no longer cover our cash needs… we are politically unfeasible, because we are in a totally polarised country and against a powerful government that wants to see us fail,” Zuloaga said in a statement.

Further, the host of Globovision’s program ‘Alo Ciudadano’ – a program that aimed to counter Chavez’s Sunday show ‘Alo Presidente’, Leopoldo Castillo, discussed the sale yesterday. He claimed the reasons for it include requiring technology, being judicially unviable, the priority of “saving the workers” and “many difficult years, it has become more and more difficult to satisfy the needs …of the personnel of Globovision”.


Ahem. Sorry. That just slipped out, as the truth has a funny way of doing. And speaking of truths that slip out in funny ways, poor José Miguel Vivanco is gonna shit a brick when he hears this:

However Zuloaga’s own statement says, “Since we began [20 years ago] we have had problems with the government, which is natural for an information channel. With the last government of Rafael Caldera… they didn’t want to give us access to official sources”.

He then mentions the “attacks getting stronger” under the current government, and that last year, he decided to “do everything in our power…to make sure the opposition won the [presidential] elections in October…but the opposition lost”.

Blatantly partisan putschism…a Globomojón specialty. Remember April 2002? Yeah, they were part of THAT. You don’t suppose all that agitating for political losers could be what’s costing the channel so much money, so many viewers, and credibility…do you?

Nahhhhh…couldn’t be.


Sorry, that just slipped out. Go read the rest, it’s a wicked pissah.

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