How crazy are the Venezuelan oppos?

So crazy, they mistake Chavecito’s successor for this man:


That tall man with the thick dark hair? That’s NOT Nicolás Maduro. That’s Richard Peñalver. He’s not a politician; he’s an ordinary citizen, one of the Chavista defenders of Llaguno Bridge during the coup of ’02. What’s he shooting at? The riot trucks of the Metropolitan Caracas Police, who were sent to cause riots and kill Chavistas by the putschist mayor, Alfredo Peña, a well-known CIA asset. You can learn more about the events shown in these pictures by watching this documentary of the coup from a street-level perspective.

And if you’re at all perceptive, you’ll appreciate how funny (peculiar and ha-ha) it is that the same oppos who repeatedly called for Chavecito’s death, and who sent out the police to fire on Peñalver et al, now are trying to pass him off as the next president they want to kill.

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