Protesters seek Venezuelan leader

…and no, it’s NOT Chavecito. It’s his former electoral rival:


“Where is Capriles? There’s a power vacuum in Miranda!”

Well might you ask, muchachas. The so-called governor of Miranda isn’t governing; he’s too busy trying to hound a certain high-profile cancer patient, and getting his brain-dead followers to do the same (with the usual backing from you-know-where). Meanwhile, his state can best be described as “all gone to shit”:

Mirandans protested peacefully on Sunday outside the Miranda state government building in Los Teques, demanding that governor Henrique Capriles Radonski step down due to repeated absence from his job.

With slogans like “Capriles, govern or resign”, the demonstrators camped out in front of the state government office to denounce the apathy and the state of abandonment in which the governmental entity finds itself ever since Capriles took office as governor. Capriles visited Colombia a few weeks ago, and more recently the United States, abandoning his functions.

María Castro, one of the demonstrators, explained that the government is in disarray due to the nonexistence of policies on health, security and education. She also described Capriles’ leadership as “the worst”, since every day the level of insecurity in Miranda increases, along with the preoccupation of the state’s population.

“Miranda is the most insecure state in the country. It’s in decadency. Capriles doesn’t govern, nor does he concern himself for the region. He always asks: Where is Chávez? But we Mirandans ask: Where is Governor Capriles, who doesn’t govern? Lamentably, neither Capriles nor his committee is governing,” Castro said.

Dalia Araujo, who lives along the old Los Teques highway, pointed out that the state doesn’t have a governor who responds to the needs and demands of the people and added that “if Capriles can’t rule as governor, he should resign, because we don’t want him.”

“Here in Miranda, we don’t have a governor, Capriles should resign because insecurity is killing us, and he doesn’t show his face. What’s Capriles doing in the United States when he should be in Miranda?”

During the demonstration, a group of Capriles sympathizers approached with the intention of disrupting the peaceful protest.

One of the Capriles sympathizers pushed and assaulted members of the reporter team from the Mayor’s Office of Guaicaipuro, who were there to cover the protest. Meanwhile, functionaries from the Miranda Police (Polimiranda), who were present outside the government building, did not act in defence of the citizens.

Yelitza González, one of the witnesses, denounced the “fascist and violent” attitude of the right-wing sectors who support Capriles, adding that they would not permit violence or destabilization from the opposition, since “we want peace and we are demonstrating peacefully, we all believe in our president (Hugo Chávez), we want respect. Capriles should present a security plan.

“We’re here peacefully, and we see how this citizen, under the effects of alcohol, pushed a young reporter. Never mind that she’s a woman; he threatened her with death. The Miranda State Police, who are here as witnesses, just stood by inertly in the face of sexist violence; they should have acted, and they did not. The Guaicaipuro Police took him into custody because he was violating the rights of the woman,” said González.

Translation mine.

Here’s some video relating to the events in question:

The demonstrators gave a press conference denouncing Capriles’ irresponsibility and lack of plans, and his participation in a Washington-backed plan of destabilization while the president undergoes chemotherapy. It appears alongside footage of the demonstrations described above. They call on the people of Miranda to demand that Capriles show his face and govern, already. And in the face of the dismal crime statistics of the state, Capriles is in no legitimate position to blame Chávez for the insecurity problem, much less launch a new (and illegitimate) campaign (in MIAMI!) for his own presidency after losing the REAL vote, which took place last October. He’s discredited even among his own. He should take his lumps, admit he lost fair and square, and get down to his job, which is governing the state of Miranda, not all of Venezuela as a wholly owned subsidiary of Washington.

PS on Tuesday, 5:40 pm: Out of respect for today’s bad news from Venezuela, commenting on this entry is now closed. I’ve gotten two pathetic, lonely boys looking for love in all the wrong places so far. Fair warning: All trollish attempts will be subjected to a trashing (complete with IP and e-mail doxxing) on Saturday’s wankapedia. I know you fascists out there have no shame, so I feel none dishing it back to you. If you shit-eaters have no respect for someone’s death or their family, or my blog (which is NOT your toilet!), you deserve none either. And you WILL get gay porn spam…count on it. Meanwhile, Chavecito vive…la lucha sigue. He’s more alive than ever now, you fucking bastards. Just like Che and Camilo before him. ¡VIVA CHAVEZ, CARAJO!

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