Stompin’ Tom stomps on

Dang, we’re losing legends all over the place this week. Yesterday it was Chavecito; today, it’s this guy:

I remember Stompin’ Tom Connors from his TV show when I was just a wee thing. He used to beat time with his cowboy-booted foot on a wooden board that he carried in for the occasion so he wouldn’t stomp a hole through the floor (or so he said.) He wasn’t the most melodious singer I’ve ever heard, but he was definitely one of the most memorable: funny, humble, at times downright poetic, and a Canadian from coast to coast to coast. For a time, he was right up there with the great Johnny Cash (also sadly missed here.)

Now he’s gone to the Great Stompin’ Ground of the Great Beyond. Bet Chavecito’s already in the bar, waiting to buy him a cafecito and introduce him to his own idol, the great Alí Primera, who passed over in 1982. And Víctor Jara will also be there, guitar in hand, ready to join the quartet. Drinks all around, bartender!

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