The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 2


“I’m not a copycat — Maduro didn’t invent the mustache!”

Maybe not, Majunche, but he also doesn’t look stupid wearing one. You, on the other hand…

Good afternoon! And welcome to today’s edition of VenOpIronía. Today, we have more Majunche copycatting the Bolivarians and hoping no one notices. What else?


Here, we have Majunche, giving his best cheap imitation of Chavecito: copying the iconic logo of the late Comandante’s deep, expressive eyes. Here’s the story behind that:

It appears that the defeated ex-presidential candidate of 2012, Henrique Capriles, hasn’t abandoned his electoral strategy of imitating the leader, Hugo Chávez, and of trying to appear as a politician of the centre-left, concerned about the poorest.

In this latest attempt to attain the presidency of the Republic, the owner of a $5 million apartment in the United States has decided to call his campaign command “Simón Bolívar, even though it is well known that the Liberator’s page was taken from the history books and turned into an everyday personage by Comandante Chávez himself, who also made Bolívar’s thought one of the roots of Chavismo.

Bolívar was less acceptable when one of the first acts of the Venezuelan oligarchy, during the coup of 2002, was to remove the portrait of Bolívar from Miraflores Palace and, with the single stroke of a pen, remove the adjective “Bolivarian” from the official name of the Republic.

But, if the foregoing was not enough, recently the protagonist of the assault on the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela has launched, as a symbol of his new campaign, the same used by the leader of the Revolution: his eyes, along with the slogan “Chávez, heart of the people”, which appeared on t-shirts in various colors.

It’s not the first time that the representative of the Venezuelan and international right wing has tried to steal images, icons, sayings and/or symbols of the Bolivarian left; he did it in 2002 with “Not One Step Backward”, and, most recently, with the tricolor flag cap, although with seven stars — that is, without recognizing the eighth province whose inclusion Chávez approved by official decree.

The image copied by Capriles was obtained from one of his Twitter messages by Andrés Izarra (@izarradeverdad), member of the publicity team for the Hugo Chávez Command.

Translation mine.

Oh Majunche, you fail so hard. Not only do you lack the Comandante’s depth of vision, your eyes just don’t look as good in high-contrast for the purposes of iconography. But hey! When you get trounced, exactly a month from today, you’ll at least get to lick your wounds in a $5 million apartment in Miami*. Just please don’t decorate the walls with that picture, ‘kay?

*According to this article, it’s actually in New York. I dunno…$5 million sounds kind of bargain-basementy for there.

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