The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 6

Alberto Nolia and Tania Díaz of VTV’s Dando y Dando discuss the latest efforts of Majunche Capriles Radonsky to usurp the mantle of Chavecito. Unfortunately for Majunche, the campaign has hit a major snag. Guess what that snag is…

Journalist Alberto Nolia stated that Henrique Capriles Radonski has not the slightest chance of winning the coming presidential elections on April 14.

Interviewed by Tania Díaz on the Dando y Dando segment of the VTV program All Venezuela, Nolia stated that the right-wing candidate has intellectual and discursive limitations, which is why he cannot successfully challenge the candidacy of acting president Nicolás Maduro.

Nolia castigated Capriles for trying to take on rhetoric similar to that of the late Hugo Chávez, emphasizing that the strategy is a mistake: “This caveman [Capriles] wants to make himself look like Chávez and criticizes Nicolás Maduro for mentioning him!”

Likewise, he commended the way the socialist candidate Nicolás Maduro has conducted his campaign: “Maduro is campaigning the way he truly is, at the side of the people.”

Nolia addressed the right-wing candidate (by way of recommendation) that he withdraw from the elections, and continue to do what he has been doing up to now: “despoiling the state of Miranda.”

Translation mine.

Isn’t it funny? First the opposition has tried (unsuccessfully) to position itself as more Bolivarian than Bolívar; now it’s trying to look more Chavista than Chávez. And judging by that fuzzy caterpillar on his face, Majunche is also trying to outdo someone at something:


“Mirror, mirror…do I look more mature?”

That’s a pun, hon. “Maduro” is Spanish for “mature”…and no, Majunche, you will never get there. Not even on the superficial level that seems to be the only thing the inbred twits of the Venezuelan upper classes can grasp or handle. While you’re in front of the mirror twiddling your weedy ‘stache, the man you keep deriding as a “mere” bus driver is drawing closer…and come the 14th, he’s gonna roll that shiny new Metrobus right over you. Probably while you’re busy with an eyebrow pencil, trying to draw a mole on your forehead that looks just like the one Chavecito had.

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