17 electrical saboteurs caught in Venezuela

It’s literally getting down to the wire in Venezuela. Yesterday, the military, which is in charge of securing the country’s electrical plants and stations, announced a major capture:

The chief of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEO-FANB), Major-General Wilmer Barrientos, informed on Tuesday of the detention of 17 persons linked to acts of electrical sabotage in Venezuela.

“At the moment we have 17 detainees, caught in the act of sabotaging the installations of Corpoelec in our national territory, and they will face the judicial process,” said the military officer during a press conference.

Barrientos said that the citizens, some of whom are said to be military lieutenants, were detained in the city of Maracay, specifically in the Paratroop Brigade, and will be subjected to investigation by Military Intelligence.

Barrientos said that per instructions from president Nicolás Maduro, the distribution and transmission centres were also secured in order to take inventory of the repayments and “to be able to react promptly”.

At the same time, Barrientos notified that a shipment of necessary electrical materials had been recovered in the customs building. “We are improving, bit by bit, the response of the electrical system,” he said.

Barrientos emphasized that these measures have made it so that in some states, where there had been 50 critical circuits, now there are only four or six.

Barrientos called on Venezuelans to be conscientious in their use of electricity, and on the owners of shopping centres to turn on their generators during hours of peak demand.

“We are still working in the electrical sector, to keep the people as calm as possible, and we will act in this sector with all the necessary force so that there will be peace throughout the Bolivarian Republic,” he said.

Translation mine.

So, these sabotaging military lieutenants must be who the punks of JAVU were calling members of the “National Democratic Armed Forces” in the “protest” manual I translated here last night. Since they are at the lowest levels of the officer corps, it is doubtful the conspiracy reaches any higher. The High Command was purged of traitors years ago, after the coup of ’02 revealed to Chavecito and his government who was actually a loyal commander and who was not. Since then, any remaining bad apples have been picked off one by one, and the High Command has been clean. It is therefore highly unlikely that we will ever again see the crazy spectacle of a group of a dozen or so military officers, going before the cameras of an opposition-controlled TV station like they did in ’02, announcing that they could no longer be loyal because of some spurious accusation of government forces firing on unarmed demonstrators in the street.

Now we await the arrests of the Salvadoran terrorists, imported by Majunche to destabilize the country so that he can declare victory without winning a single legitimate thing. And, for that matter, the arrest of Majunche himself. It’s just a matter of time…

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