Compare and Contrast: Atlee vs. Thatcher


If anyone ever deserved a state funeral, it is Clement Atlee. Iron Tits, on the other hand, doesn’t deserve a Christian burial, much less.

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One Response to Compare and Contrast: Atlee vs. Thatcher

  1. Narinder Virk says:

    The legacy Thatcher left: 1. An arm’s dealing son, & 2. A racist daughter, & 3. The good ship “UK economy”, is still trying to right itself, as it lists precariously.

    £10 million + from public purse strings, for her funeral. At a time of enormous austerity, only shows one thing…even after her death, her pomposity and selfishness is being supported by an insular bunch of politicians.

    I hope the pitch-forks are sharp, and red hot, Maggie.

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