Election tampering in Paraguay


So, has anything changed for the better since that coup that ousted Lugo in Paraguay last year?

Why, no. Things have only gotten ugly and uglier. And in fact, according to one party leader, there’s worse and more in the pipeline:

The secretary-general of the Paraguayan Communist Party, Najib Amado, affirmed today that the United States is planning to commit electoral fraud in the general elections on April 21.

In a statement made to Prensa Latina, Amado stated that the presidential candidates Horacio Cartes and Efraín Alegre, of the Colorado and Radical Authentic Liberal parties, respectively, are the favorites of the US embassy in Asunción.

Amado called the electoral climate “rarefied” and added that the fraud began with a barrage of permanent and unequal campaign propaganda on the part of the preferred front-runners, financed with laundered mafia money.

The harsh accusation of the Communist director, in the name of his party, drives home the fact that the media are accomplices in this scheme, as shown by the inequality of spaces dedicated to other political parties, especially those of the left.

“Our people will take the battle to the ballot boxes, but also to the streets, defending the will of the majority in favor of the candidates who represent them, especially those of the Frente Guasú,” Amado said.

“These are the same North American interests who invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and who are now menacing Iran and North Korea with nuclear weapons of mass destruction, risking the extinction of all life on Earth.”

Amado said that imperialism needs to impose servile heads of state in its plans to convert Paraguay into an economic, political and military enclave, and to go on repressing the peasants who are fighting for their lands.

He recalled that the parliamentary coup d’état of last June against President Fernando Lugo was perpetrated against not only the people of Paraguay, but the national liberation movements in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, and against the sovereign democratic development in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Translation mine.

I hope Najib Amado doesn’t plan on taking any small aircraft rides in the near future, because statements like those are the sort of thing that have gotten more than one Latin American leader killed by the jackals. (I would say to ask Jaime Roldós of Ecuador, or Omar Torrijos of Panama, but neither of them is around anymore. You could always ask John Perkins, though; he knew both presidents very well. And he deeply regrets his role in their demises.)

But yeah. This is applicable in all the countries he mentioned, particularly Venezuela. Any country that is working democratically toward its own independence is going to face some fierce opposition from you-know-where. Especially if it has something the US wants. And Paraguay has arable land (that the campesinos are fighting for) and the great Guaraní Aquifer. This is going to be a terrible fight, kiddies.

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