Milk Snatcher is history

Ding, dong.

Seriously, though, it’s not nice to call that horrid old beast a witch. We Witches find that horribly insulting, since it’s not us who threw Britain into its current state of decline, oppression, and police brutality. We’re not the ones who condemned British schoolkids to malnutrition (as though milk and proper lunches were unaffordable for a government with such a huge purse!) We’re not the ones who tried to impose poll taxes, or forbid workers from striking. We’re not the ones who fought a ridiculous war over some islands no one had even heard of in the South Atlantic, just to prove some stupid point about “mettle”. We’re not the ones who latched onto Cold War fanaticism out of some facile effort to look like the heroes we weren’t. We’re not the ones who preached morality to the masses while living in unabashed decadence. We’re not the ones who made the rich richer and the poor eat stones.

And, above all, we’re not the ones who will miss her. Maybe clueless twits like David Fucking Cameron will, and some of those gap-toothed neo-Nazis from the English Defence League might, but that’s about all. The rest of the world does not thank her for the ruinous example she set; we’re just sorry she didn’t kick the bucket thirty years ago, when it might have counted for something. The rest of the world has already moved on; she and her ilk died unmourned, for us, long ago.

It was no triumph for feminism the day she entered office. Anyone who thought that a female PM would make a positive difference was severely disappointed to learn that a female Conservative is nothing but a mean old man in skirts. She was the first PM to drive home the ugly truth: that Conservative women are Conservatives first, and women dead last. And that anyone who would elect one, male OR female, does so at their peril.

Personally, I think it’s a crime and a sin that Chavecito had to die before her. But at least, while he lived, he got to bury her bad economic policies under a mountain of socialist success. He proved her “There Is No Alternative” dictum dead wrong. He left the legacy of a thriving Venezuela whose Bolivarian revolution will long outlive him; she left Britain in decline even before she left office, and it has only gone downhill since.

So long, Maggie, you evil old rotter. You will never be missed.

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