Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes on oil spills


Listen! Do you hear that loud and urgent meowing? It means Ms. Manx is back from a longer than usual hiatus with her latest catch. No, not mice. She’s got links to share. And this time, the Stumpy Cat has come back with sticky black goo on her paws. She’s going to need help getting that off! Good thing I’ve got some Dawn dish soap, eh kitty?

And it’s a good thing these beavers in Utah got rescued by some kind wildlife folks who also stock up on the stuff just in case. Can you believe they built a dam that helped contain the diesel oil spill? That’s what beavers do best. They do a better job building dams than the humans do building pipelines, says Ms. Manx, cattily.

And while we’re on the subject of humans who build crappy pipelines, ExxonMobil just got off on the most technical of technicalities. The Stumpy Cat thinks that’s not right. She also thinks that if they won’t pay into a cleanup fund, why, they should just pay for the clean-up all on their own, which will cost them a lot more. And which, frankly, they can afford to pay…and indeed, DESERVE to pay.

And speaking of those who deserve to pay, our cyberkitty would also like to draw your attention to the Canadian Imperialist Bank of Commerce. These wanking banksters, unlike the average Canadian, stand to gain from the building of a tar sands pipeline. And they’re whining and boohoo-ing about how much they’re losing every day that that pipeline isn’t being built and its bituminous contents aren’t being spilt. It all sounds very impressive and persuasive…until you realize that they just pulled those numbers out of the same orifice banksters usually pull their projections from.

BTW, for those who are trying to keep track of all the oil spills from this week alone, they are:

One in White River, Ontario;

One in St.-Jerôme, Québec;

and of course, the no-fly zone that is Mayflower, Arkansas. Guess that shocking aerial footage was getting in the way of Exxon getting off easy, eh?

And finally, Ms Manx really likes this Lee Camp dude, who sums up the problem with oil pipelines so succinctly:

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