The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 12


Burnt-out car on Francisco de Miranda Avenue, Caracas, 2004, after a “peaceful” protest of the opposition, otherwise known as a Guarimba. These supposedly spontaneous local protests were directed by Washington via US diplomatic installations, and were aimed at destabilizing Venezuela so that then President Hugo Chávez would be forced to resign. None of them ever worked.

Ah, that peaceful Venezuelan opposition; gotta love ’em. They set cars on fire all the time, and we up here in El Gran Norte are supposed to take all this in stride as just youthful hijinks and legitimate protest against an elected government which has supposedly gotten all repressive and out of hand. Anybody buying it?

If you are, still, you’re a feckin’ eejit. Especially after this:

This Monday, a destabilization plan will take place during a march called by the ultra-right-wing campaign, which will begin at 7:30 pm on Francisco de Miranda Avenue and will end in Chacao.

It was denounced by the host of VTV’s “La Hojilla”, Mario Silva, via his official Twitter account, @LaHojillaenTV.

“@LaHojillaenTV: We denounce a destabilization plan by the opposition in tomorrow’s march”, wrote the host.

Silva also informed that the opposition rally will be a “Guarimba”.


The state channel’s president, William Castillo, wrote on his official Twitter account:

“@planwac: This Monday, Capriles called for a march ‘AT NIGHT’, leaving from Los Ruices for the VTV offices…Beware!”

Translation mine.

Now. What kind of “peaceful law-abiding opposition” calls for demos AT NIGHT?


Oh, probably one planning “spontaneous” bonfires that just so happen to block major roadways, causing chaos and potential riots in advance of the elections just two weeks from today, when acting president Maduro will become president elect with a majority between 55 and 60 percent of the vote. That’s what kind of opposition.

Seriously, guys, you really have to try harder at this non-violence stuff. Otherwise, Henry Ramos Allup will only look like he has a good point.

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