The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 14


You know how the Venezuelan opposition is always bragging about how it’s got all the students on its side? Even when they’re actually eating their candidates alive, and some of them aren’t even students? Or how their demonstrations are all so peaceful, even when they’re demonstrably not? Well, get ready, because here comes another ironic little fact, straight out of Majunche’s own state of Miranda:

On Tuesday, university students from the state of Miranda protested near the state government offices, in Los Teques, demanding the resignation of Henrique Capriles Radonski, current right-wing presidential candidate and governor of the state.

The students came from Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University (UNESR), the University College of Los Teques (CULTCA), the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the Armed Forces (UNEFA), and the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV). Also present were members of the Bolivarian Organization of Students (OBE).

Linder Crespo, president of the student centre at CULTCA, said that the young people are tired of the disorder and lack of government in Miranda due to bad leadership over the last four years, with Capriles as governor.

“We are protesting peacefully to demand that the fascist governor either step down or start paying attention to his job, because he has used this important office as a slush fund for his personal use, to support his political party [Primero Justicia] and his presidential campaign, with no respect for the people of Miranda.

“Miranda is in a state of decay. Capriles destroyed the Regional Institute for Youth, he tried to rob the UNEFA of its seat, he tried to eradicate education in Miranda, and he has not invested in primary, secondary or post-secondary education in the state,” Crespo said.

Erick Díaz, vice-president of the UNESR students’ federation, said that the state of abandonment in which Miranda finds itself is a tangible example of how Capriles is not fit to govern Venezuela.

“The University students of Miranda are on a war footing. We are fed up with Capriles abandoning the state, the insecurity which has us in a state of siege every day. As spearheads of our country, as our Comandante Chávez said, we will recuperate the state of Mirada with Elías Jaua and our president, Nicolás Maduro.”

Translation mine.

Oh dear. There are Chavista students! In Miranda! And they point the finger for the decay and insecurity they suffer…not at the Bolivarian federal government, but at the fascist state government, which isn’t even paying attention to their most basic needs. Well, somebody has got to, and it ain’t the opposition; even the acerbic Henry Ramos Allup has been silent as the grave on this matter. And that’s funny, because the opposition is always banging on about the chaos and uncertainty Venezuela has supposedly plunged into as a result of Chavecito’s 14-year reign. Funnier still, states and municipalities with Bolivarian governments — yes, that’s right, CHAVISTAS in charge — don’t seem to have this problem!

Meanwhile, Majunche — a true oligarch, if nothing else — is treating the office like his own personal ATM (what, is all that gringo dinero not enough?) while he carries on his quixotic vendetta against a dead man and a bus driver, ignoring the duties to which he was supposed to have been elected. And he’s lagging behind by about 20 points in the polls now. And the best HIS student backers can do is launch guarimbas, burn cars and block major roadways.

I can’t imagine why he’s not more popular, can you?

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