The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 17


“And then they’ll buy a new pot with their pension money. Lack of maturity…”

Hello, and welcome to the latest ironic chapter in the ongoing chronicles of the “peaceful” Venezuelan opposition. Just as predicted, the fascist thugs of JAVU & Co. have decided to try for another big push at destabilization. But of course, they’re going to try to blame this on the bus driver who won the election fair and square:

In the best fashion of the burning of the Reichstag in 1933 by the hordes of Hitler, the fascist hordes of Capriles have begun to set fire to various Integral Diagnostic Centres (CDIs), party offices of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Petrocasas, and homes of PSUV activists, among other acts of vandalism.

In Táchira, Chavista activist Henry Rangel Aroza was assassinated, according to the state governor Vielma Mora.

In Miranda, opposition hordes murdered a Chavista, Luis Ponce.

In La Limonera, in the Caracas municipality of Baruta, another revolutionary activist was killed in attacks perpetrated by pro-Capriles hordes.

In Palo Verde, in eastern Caracas, a CDI was set on fire.

In Oropeza and Trapichito de Guarenas, oppositionists attacked another CDI and the Cuban doctors on staff.

The order to attack the CDIs came from opposition journalist Nelson Bocaranda, who ordered his 1.2 million followers to attack CDIs on the pretext that the Cuban medics were hiding boxes of ballots.

According to denunciations by locals, the Baruta police are putting on red T-shirts [similar to those worn by PSUV members] to kill people and lay the blame on Chavistas.

Petrocasas have been set on fire in Flor Amarillo, Maracay, along with CDIs and Mercal offices, by fascist hordes led by Richard Mardo, according to Mario Silva, host of VTV’s show, La Hojilla.

In La Trigaleña, more than 150 persons broke into a CDI, according to Governor Ameliach, who has deployed an anti-coup operation.

In San Cristóbal, they burned the PSUV office building, attacked various community TV and radio stations. They also caused the death of a PSUV militant in Santa Ana, Henry Rangel, as well as attacking CDIs, Mercal markets, and homes of PSUV activists in various parts of Táchira, according to the governor.

In Anzoátegui they burned the PSUV office in Barcelona, then motorcyclists rode through town, firing guns. CDIs and Simoncitos [children’s daycare/kindergarten centres] were also attacked. Aristóbulo Istúriz blamed Capriles Radoski for all these acts.

Translation mine.

And if you think that’s jumping to a bit of a hasty conclusion, you haven’t been following this as closely as you should. Time to wake up! This was all part of the opposition plan. Capriles, true to plan, refused to recognize the election results, cried fraud, and called for “protests”. And this is how his “peaceful” supporters answered that call. It was for violence, death, and arson all along. Even during Sunday’s vote, there were several fishy incidents directly attributable to the opposition: hacking of various prominent PSUV Twitter accounts (a Peruvian LulzSec group was alleged to be responsible; Anonymous disavowed any connection to it), as well as various bogus accounts and accusations, and false flag operations (some occurring even before the election got underway) in which Chavistas were invariably painted as the bad guys, when in fact it was JAVU and other oppo thugs disguised in red PSUV shirts.

From the outset, as at Llaguno Bridge during the coup of ’02, the intention was to create confusion and chaos, so as to delegitimize the victory of Maduro and make it impossible for him to govern. And as bad as things look right now, they will ultimately NOT reach their objective. Venezuela has been in this situation before. Every time that Chávez won, the oppos were out there doing the exact same things: hacking, vandalizing, burning, looting and shooting, and pretending to be Chavistas so that Chávez would be blamed. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of these bullyboys spent more time in Chavista costume than in their own party’s shirts. And that’s another layer of irony, is it not?

Also ironic — and this is on a personal note — I actually agree with Capriles on one key point. Let there be a manual recount! I bet if they did that, it would turn out that Nicolás Maduro won a great many votes more than he initially appeared to have done. It’s already irreversible that he is president, but I was surprised that his double-digit margin over Capriles had shrunk so dramatically in just one day, from close to 20% to something like just 2%. I have a lot of trouble believing that so many loyal Chavistas could have turncoated from a proven leader like Maduro to a fucking majunche like Capriles. If there is fraud in this election, it will turn out to have been in Majunche Capriles’s favor. So let there be a recount, and let there be especially close scrutiny of all the places where Capriles came out ahead. How many actual votes Maduro will gain I don’t know, but I’ll hazard one prediction: Majunche will come out looking más ‘junche que nunca.

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