The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 18


Photo tweeted by opposition TV channel RCTV, showing supposed incineration of Sunday’s election materials. Only it’s not from Sunday…

Hidey-ho, good readers! And welcome to another chapter of VenOpIronía, in which everything old is suddenly new again. And in which black is white, day is night, wrong is right, and truth is shite. And in which someone is committing a fraud in order to accuse somebody else of committing a fraud. Here’s the story:

From Web pages such as La Patilla, and from Twitter and Facebook accounts from such communication media as RCTV, members of the opposition are divulging photos of the destruction of electoral materials, dating to August 21, 2012, and September 19, 2010, but presented as if they had been taken today. This intensified after Wilmer Azuaje, ex-deputy from Barinas, tweeted some photos of supposed electoral materials found today along a public roadway in Barinas.

La Patilla published the photos, showing that the ballot papers, strangely, hadn’t been folded.

From that moment on, social network users of the opposition began spreading, via Facebook and Twitter, numerous photos of electoral materials being incinerated.

But information specialist Feijoo Jiménez and other Twitter users showed us that the images tweeted come from the CNE [National Electoral Council of Venezuela] web page and from media revealing that the dates of the burnings had been from 2010 and 2012. This is the CNE photo gallery in which the 2010 event appears.

The same event was published by such different media as the opposition newspaper El Universal, and the Chavista paper, CiudadCCS. The item from El Universal, dating to September 18, appears here.

We believe that the publication of false photos is being used by radical sectors of the opposition to whip up their supporters, convince them of a supposed fraud with the votes, and to follow the line dictated by the anti-Chavista candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, who is calling on his followers to gather on Tuesday and Wednesday at the CNE offices to demand a recount of the votes. In a press conference on Monday, Capriles assured that there had indeed been destruction of electoral materials. “We can’t lose the materials. Our desires is that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or today, this conflict will be resolved,” he said.

Translation mine. Links as in original. Don’t be too surprised if the ones from La Patilla, El Universal or Wilmer Azuaje’s tweeter go dead quickly; since the fraud has now been found out, it’s only a matter of time before the perpetrators try to cover their naked butts. Luckily, Aporrea included some screen-grabs of their handiwork:


El Universal web page from 2010, showing old ballot boxes being incinerated. This is common, official, post-electoral practice, as you can see in these individual shots:


A soldier pours gasoline on old ballot boxes in bags, which are about to be incinerated. If this were a case of furtive destruction of incriminating materials, why would he be doing it by day, and in uniform?


A firefighter oversees the incineration. Again, note that it’s broad daylight, and he’s in full uniform, making no effort to hide what he is doing. Would he be doing this if it were a fraud?


La Patilla photo of supposed electoral material by a roadside, showing ballots not folded as they would have been had they been cast as actual votes*. Folding ballots before casting them is common practice in Venezuela, as it is here in Canada. No word on what a box of unfolded ballots is doing by the roadside where it just happened to be stumbled on by a rabid anti-Chavista!

And finally, there’s this:


A screenshot of the CNE official page, showing thumbnails of the shots of the soldier and the firefighter doing their jobs during a routine incineration at a previous event. Could the RCTV twitpic have come from a gallery like this? Wouldn’t surprise me if it had. RCTV is well known for falsifying things in order to paint a dire picture of Bolivarian Venezuela…

Look, oppos, I can understand the losing side in any close race wanting a recount. I’m for it in this case myself, if only to prove that Nicolás Maduro didn’t win by as narrow a margin as is currently claimed (remember, he had a huge lead.) But if this is the way you’re gonna go about it, you’re only setting yourselves up for another big failure. You’re already looking not only like fascists, but like fools. Go the official route and make the demand legally, or STFU.

*PS: The individual who spread this photo has been identified and arrested. Story from Aporrea:

The person who passed off images of electoral material from the 2010 election as that of April 14 has been detained.

So says press chief Jorge Galindo, of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, via his Twitter account, @JorgeGalindoMIJ:

“The individual who published an image of electoral materials from 2010 with the intent to destabilize has been detained.”

The detainee’s name is Andrés Rondón Sayago and he is an employee of security for a private TV station, adds Galindo. He appeared today in court, Galindo also announced.

Translation mine.

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6 Responses to The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 18

  1. JimJim says:

    Doncha’ just hate it when a plan falls apart?

    Now you look like a total jackass and exposed for what you are: a fraud and an insurrectionist. Now is the time to round up the majunche and all his band of tin soldiers and put them in jail. I don’t want anything to distract President Maduro from his duties. He needs all his skills to undo the damage that Capriles Radonski and his minions did to the country in the election last fall and this election.

    For example, I am still convinced that the majunche was responsible for the refinery blast just before the elections last fall. Those bastards will stop at nothing and the CIA has their back all the way. If the US taxpayer knew how their tax money was being spent, the CIA would be disbanded. Also, the School of the Americas.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yeah, there’s all that. But at least, if the CNE does a manual recount, and Majunche comes up even shorter, not only will it shut him up, it will leave him with egg on his face. Right now he’s counting on a recount NOT happening. Yep, another irony. That would be the perfect pretext for an insurrection. If I were Maduro, I’d call his bluff and go “Okay, you get your recount. And then we’ll see, eh?” Would freak the little shit right out.

  2. Kepler says:

    Your use of the word “majunche” shows the total hatred you have towards people that think different from you. This reminds me of Lenin and other guys like that, who never ever wanted to debate (unless it was within their own party and to impose their views), who sent forces to disrupt the debates that people like Melcheviks but also other leftists had.

    Half of the population – at least – is already opposing this government even if we still are in the middle of the longest oil boom in our history. That’s quite something and it won’t stop here.

    Didn’t you see the boxes in Barinas? They were indeed discovered.
    What happened with the health centres that were not destroyed? With the people who were murdered and were not Chavistas? And where are the killers, and I mean the ones who actually shot them? No murder can be justified, every act of violence is reprehensible but it seems you cannot even detect who it was. Chavista fans have murdered oppos time after time for years now (remember the two murdered in Barinas in a rally last October? The PJ activist in Anzoátegui in 2009? I could go on for ages) and you have said it was a personal thing, it didn’t have to do with Chavismo.


    • Sabina Becker says:

      Oh, looky, it’s Krapler. Finally plucked up the courage to “debate” me on my own turf, huh? Too bad nothing you say is supported with facts or a single credible linky. I’m not disappointed; I’m not even surprised. It’s very telling that you came on here calling me a “Leninist” (the correct term is Bolivarian — learn it!) and “hateful”. Helpful hint from Heloïse: If you want me to take you seriously, don’t pull that Red Scare shit. It’s as old and rotten as McCathy’s corpse.

      What’s wrong with a little truth in labelling, anyway? Capriles IS a majunche, and a sore loser besides. He knew he couldn’t win, so he called for guarimbas and the murder of Cuban doctors in the CDIs. And he led the storming of the Cuban embassy in ’02. Maybe YOU’ve forgotten, but I haven’t. It’s all down on tape, and I’m quite capable of finding it. Don’t make me dig it up, you wouldn’t like how it makes your boy look…he belongs in jail, and should have been there for the last ten years already, if justice prevailed. Qué dictadura…

      Okay, tell ya what. As much as it feels like I’m doing a battle of wits with an unarmed troll, I’m feeling generous today. You get two more chances to prove your contentions, and then you’re out. Baseball rules here. Use your opportunities wisely.

      (And no, links to oppo “news” sites and blogs will NOT count, since I already know how full of shit THEY are. Especially the Cadena Capriles!)

  3. Justice First says:

    Leete esta

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Nein, danke. Das ist Hitlerjugendscheiße. Peñaloza está destituido y no es general de nadie. Vete pa’ carajo, Primero Golpista de mierda. PS: What the fuck are you fascists doing in Toronto? Lobbying Jim Karygiannis? Good luck with that, ha ha ha.

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