The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 20


It’s 11:00. Do you know where YOUR ironies are? If you don’t, well, here you go. I got another one for you, right here. The latest from the sneak-thieves and bastards of a certain oil-rich South American land, exposed:

On Twitter, you can detect many things and it proves that lies have short legs.

As well, you can see evidence of how the revolutionary government creates jobs, and does good regardless of who you are, since afterwards, many of those who benefited committed crimes like those of the 14th and 15th of April, after the elections.

In the case of Mr. Manuel Alvarez, his application for a job was seen to, and as you can see on his Twitter profile, he was accepted by PDVSA to work in the Amuay refinery.

Now, he’s not only calling for the death of National Electoral Council rector Tibisay Lucena and calling [National Assembly president] Diosdado Cabello a “son of a bitch”, but actively participated in the pot-banging protests to discredit the will of the democratic majority, expressed in the recent elections, and even published videos of them on the Internet.

The great majority of opposition members who work in public administration, do their job and don’t set out to violate the Constitution and the laws, but how many others are there like Mr. Alvarez, actively offending and calling for the deaths of high-level functionaries of government?

Is it a violation of labor rights to fire a person who publicly calls for the deaths of high-level public servants?

Wasn’t the Amuay refinery recently subjected to a sabotage?

Translation mine.

And yes, the Amuay refinery WAS the target of a recent sabotage attack, which was very conveniently seized on by Majunche Capriles and his goons, as is the Venezuelan national electric company, Corpoelec. At the latter, the situation is so disturbing that the company president, Argenis Chávez (yes, he’s the younger brother of the late Chavecito; he’s also an electrical engineer by training, so this was not a case of simple nepotism, as he was actually qualified to do the job) has chosen to step down in order for investigations to proceed freely and fairly.

But then again, Argenis Chávez is a democrat, like his older brother, who actually listened and, oh evil dictator, helped out when a job applicant contacted him via Twitter. And he isn’t a shameless prick like Manuel Alvarez and all those other saboteurs of Venezuelan democracy. You know, the ones who are always crying fraud and resorting to violence in reaction to a government devoid of fraud, and which does not resort to violence against them.

And the same who claim to be democratic while overtly acting as anything but.

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