The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 24


María Corina Machado, May 2. Say, isn’t that the day she was supposed to be in hospital, getting her broken nose fixed? As you can see by the profile, it’s remarkably intact for someone with four alleged nasal fractures. No swelling, no bumps, no nothing. And her eyes aren’t black and swollen, as one would expect a post-op nose-job patient’s eyes to be. And she’s not in too much pain to go out glad-handing, either…

Oh dear. Poor, martyred MariCori. At this rate, she’s going to come home with the two black eyes she didn’t have when she left for Colombia just a few short days ago. Just look at the pummeling she and her whiny escualido pals took at the hands of the Colombian government!

Members of a commission of right-wing oppositionists, led by parliamentary deputy María Corina Machado, came with the hope of entering the Casa de Nariño [Colombia’s house of government] to speak out against the unity and strength of Colombian-Venezuelan relations.

The escualido delegation was not received, and had to take their speeches against the Bolivarian government of Nicolás Maduro to the Congress, where their Uribista and conservative friends opened the floor for them.

It is clear that the right wing, financed and trained by the United States, is trying to convert Colombia into a beachhead for the destabilization of the Venezuelan government. They also insist on attacking the good relations between the two peoples, who prefer to continue consolidating their economic, social and peace relations.

Another failure in Colombia to add to the permanent defeat of the recalcitrant Venezuelan right…

Translation mine.

Meanwhile, speaking of El Narco Uribe and ironies…what’s this about him hauling Maduro before the Human Rights Commission? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Especially since there are all those “false positive” deaths he has yet to account for? El Narco is a human rights violator, and on a grand scale.

It really does speak volumes as to what sort of “democratic” person MariCori is, to be hanging out with a genocidal, dictatorial, murderous, drug-trafficking fascist like El Narco…don’t you think?

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