Rotten tomatoes for El Narco Uribe


The History Channel (better known as the Hitler Channel) is infamous up here for its sensationalistic crap, which increasingly has less and less to do with actual history, and more and more to do with weird dudes claiming they were rectally probed by aliens. And now, Colombians are also waking up to the farce, and responding appropriately:

The Tomato Party is no stranger to the debate between Uribistas and anti-Uribistas on social media since the choice of ex-president Alvaro Uribe Vélez as the “Greatest Colombian” on TV’s History Channel.

On its Twitter account, the party invited its supporters to throw a tomato at a placard showing the ex-leader’s face on a target labelled “The Greatest Colombian”.

“The ‘tomatina’ has begun. These are not the heroes we want in Colombia. The artists, writers and teachers are that,” read one tweet.

Another tweet read: “Awards ceremony for the #GreatestColombian. Have your rotten tomatoes ready.”


A few hours ago, the Tomato Party arrived in front of the National University, expressing their rejection of the recognition awarded to the ex-president, who was the target of a new tomato-toss by this group of citizens, which has been holding such events for the past two months in several cities around the country against controversial personages.

At the same time, the group is satirically pushing the “Anti-Colombian of the Century” prize on social media, and the first nominee is the same ex-president, Uribe.

During the event, passers-by took the time to throw tomatoes at the banner with the picture of Uribe on it.

Translation mine.

Alvaro Uribe is, of course, NOT the greatest Colombian by a long shot. As the Tomato Partisans point out, it’s the intellectuals who deserve that honor. If they must nominate someone for that, how about Gabriel García Márquez? Or if it must be a politician, how about Jorge Eliécer Gaitán?

Nah…too obvious. And not obsequious enough.

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2 Responses to Rotten tomatoes for El Narco Uribe

  1. JimJim says:

    Too perfect! Revenge is a dish best served cold! As in, cold, dead, rotten tomatoes.

  2. Mexfiles says:

    Wasn’t Shakira on the ballot?

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