Saving Beatriz


“Beatriz has the right to life”.

Yes…yes, she does. NOW.

Beatriz, the woman in grave condition whom the Supreme Court of El Salvador had denied an abortion, received a premature Caesarian section on Monday.

The 22-year-old, who already has a son, had asked to end her pregnancy because her life was in danger due to lupus and kidney problems.

The fetus had also developed without most of its brain and skull, and was not expected to live.

Although the woman is stable following the Caesarian, her baby, a girl, did not survive.

Last week, the court upheld its decision to prohibit abortion in all circumstances, but the health minister said that a Caesarian would be an acceptable solution.

Translation mine.

Unfortunately, there is still the problem of El Salvador’s restrictive abortion law, which this C-section compromise does not satisfactorily address. Beatriz was lucky; the next woman caught in this situation might not be. And there will always be a next woman, because pregnancy is always a bigger health risk than not being pregnant.

Isn’t it time to let women decide…everywhere?

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