The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 28


Yeah, Nicolás Maduro is such a tyrant. That’s why he’s letting you bare your ass instead of just having it arrested. PS: Great way to send an SOS to Gringolandia, guys!

Okay, this is definitely degenerating to the point of satire. And speaking of which, here is some that I wouldn’t put past the bozos above:

An enormous number of Venezuelan citizens expressed an enormous discontent over the controversial result of the recent elections and are now looking for a new country to live in. Some are considering the magical world of Narnia.

“I didn’t vote for Maduro and I don’t believe he’s won,” said one Venezuelan businessman. “Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to go to some other country, so I’d like to emigrate to Narnia. At first I thought of going to Hogwarts, but they told me it’s in England, so then I decided to look for the armoire to take me to Narnia.”

The persons who consider Narnia their new home know that the head of said state is a lion named Aslan, but they assured that they would rather be governed by him than by a jackass.

There are now hundreds of Venezuelans who are climbing into their closets looking for the portal to take them to Narnia.

Translation mine.

Well, I’d say the closet is a better place by far for their butts than out on the street. Wouldn’t you?

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