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Evo gets Kong’d over a guy who isn’t even on his plane.

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  1. jawbone says:

    Do you have any firm info as to whether or not the plane was actually searched? Almost all the US MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) states that Austrian police did indeed search the plane.

    Yet, according to the transcript of de Kirchner and Morales, it looked like it would not be permitted.

    Thanks for any links.


    • Sabina Becker says:

      So far as I know, no search took place. But the plane was forced down, and talk is that Evo’s life was at risk. So I imagine there was a shoot-down threat there, too. And from all the Latin American news I’ve seen so far, talk is that he was held virtually hostage in an effort to force him to allow a search. But it seems not to have worked, and the outcry seems to have been enough that they let him go. Maybe a phone call from Moscow settled the matter? I wouldn’t rule that out. But diplomatic immunity rules are such that they couldn’t search his plane without a warrant, and since the US never signed on to the International Criminal Court in The Hague (because too many of their own would land in there pronto), well…good luck there, eh?

      • jawbone says:

        Yet, the US MCM is saying, usually without any conditionality, that Morales’s plane was searched.

        Just the WH getting the press to beat its chest for the administration?

        Or, because the administration can say whatever they want and don’t fear the press will actually work to find out the truth, especially as it’s now so muddled.

        What a crew running the world’s hegemonic government.

        • Sabina Becker says:

          You’re not kidding…they want to make and break the laws at will. Make them for other people, that is, while breaking them for themselves. The impunity will last only as long as others are still willing to put up with nonsense for capitalism’s sake. Word is, however, that the Germans are very upset by the NSA spy scandal, and it will be interesting to see if a major re-think about that whole post-war NATO alliance will actually happen now.

  2. tsisageya says:

    Oh gosh, that’s pretty funny.

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