Spanish twits laugh at Evo

This is simply disgusting.

They made fun of the kidnapping of Evo Morales at the hands of the Spanish government, one of the colonies of the European Union in the power of the United States. Nothing new in the Spanish media, since this sort of thing is common on every occasion.

The actors in this scene on Spanish TV appear in the following order:

Mamen Mendizabal, Miguel Ángel Aguilar, Daniel Montero, Rubén Amón, Alberto Carnero, Ana Ibáñez, Julio César Herrero, Graciano Palomo, Antonio Papell, Ángel Expósito, Bernabé Sánchez-Minguet José Hervás.

Translation mine.

Go ahead and giggle, silly EuroPeons. You’re all vassals and you don’t even know it. But Evo does, and so do I. And I’m sure we both feel the same mixture of pity and contempt for every one of you.

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