The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 29

Oh, those charming Venezuelan oppos. So patriotic! So mindful of what’s best for their country, and never wanting anything less. So tell me, then…if they’re really all that (and a bag of chips), why are they doing…THIS?

Faced with the certainty of their next electoral failure in the municipal elections of December 8, the Venezuelan right “is accelerating its plans, because the order is to throw the country into chaos during the time remaining until the next elections,” said Venezuelan journalist José Vicente Rangel in a denunciation on Sunday.

The journalist exhorted the national government and democratic society to continue reinforcing civility, along with the political parties aligned with the Revolution, and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

“You have to be alert and aware. You have the obligation and the responsibility to avert every attempt to subvert constitutional and public order, and against the Bolivarian Constitution,” said Rangel, during his program “José Vicente Today”, on Televen.

Rangel also indicated that the putschist plans have become evident through the deliberately inciting language of destabilization, constant attacks on the institutions of the state, and the global tours of right-wing spokespeople attacking the national government.

These intentions were exposed in the recent audio of a conversation between right-wing deputy María Corina Machado and historian Germán Carrera Damas, in which she laments how the plans of a coup against the government of President Maduro have failed.

Five warplanes, from a lot of 18, bought by Venezuelan businessmen who are fugitives from Venezuelan justice and financing the putschist actions of the right, are being held at a Colombian military base controlled by the United States.

During the “Confidential” section of his show, Rangel warned that the conspiracy against Venezuela by the local and international right is growing ever larger. He said that these businessmen are members of the “Gente del Petróleo”, a group of ex-managers of the national oil company PDVSA, who are responsible for the oil sabotage of 2002-3.

“The far right of Colombia, the Uribistas, the powerful economic interests, retired militaries, communication media, the oil company Pacific Rubiales, and the intense activities of the Venezuelan opposition who move freely in the neighboring land, are converting Colombia into a base of operations against Venezuela,” said Rangel.

Translation mine. Linkage added.

So. Now we see that MariCori, that poor little rich girl of the conveniently timed nose job, has not just been trotting to Colombia to whine and sulk about how oppressed she is and elicit sympathy from the parliament in Bogotá, but to make sure that the first wave of the opposition’s privately-owned fleet of putschist fighter planes is safely stowed away.

And now we also know why Colombia suddenly became a part of NATO (official weasel-words here), even though it’s not sitting on the shores of the North Atlantic at all, but the Caribbean. It’s all part of that same old grand scheme to take back Venezuela’s oil…not for the people of Venezuela to whom it already rightfully belongs, but the extremely rich who already have more shit than they know how to flush down their gold-plated crappers.

Patriotismo de mierda, as usual.

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One Response to The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 29

  1. JimJim says:

    It really is far past time for President Maduro to start to play hardball with these people. If nose-job girl wants to whine about being oppressed, then she should be oppressed and find out what it really IS like. While El Comandante was sick, things were tied up in limbo for a long time. Now that President Maduro has shown the Majunche and his ilk that not only is he capable of running the country, he is the natural heir to El Comandante’s Bolivar Revolucion. If these people are trying to destroy the people of Venezuela (and they are) and are in league with The Empire to do it, then it’s time for treason trials. And Colombia needs to be put on notice that any further cooperation with The Empire’s attempts to end the Bolivarian Revolucion will bring them more trouble than they can imagine and that The Empire will have a hard time supporting a war from an off-shore fleet that is so vulnerable to aerial attack. And then Maduro should place a very large order for Russian weaponry and supporting parts and ammunition.

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