Festive Left Friday Blogging: Evo’s anti-imperialist military is now official!

And looking mighty fine, too:


And here’s the story behind it all, from Contrainjerencia:

President Evo Morales declared the armed forces of Bolivia to be nationalist, socialist and anti-imperialist, during the ceremony for the 188th anniversary of the country’s independence.

“I reaffirm on this day, on this 188th anniversary, celebrated in Potosí, that we now have armed forces which are nationalist, socialist and anti-imperialist to defend our country,” said Morales during a swearing-in ceremony in Potosí, southwestern Bolivia.

Before that, the commander in chief of the armed forces, General Edwin de la Fuente Jeria, affirmed that the militaries would be indoctrinated with socialist principals and to be anti-imperialist and decolonizing.

Morales, who arrived in a tank to the ceremonies, which preceded a military parade, announced that the armed forces were born to fight against colonialism, internally and externally, against invasion and domination.

During the ceremony, President Morales and vice-president Alvaro García Linera were decorated by the military institution with a medal bearing the image of the revolutionary leader, Tupac Katari, the first indigenous leader to rise up against the Spanish crown.

At the same time, the Bolivian leader committed economic resources to foment initiatives related to development of new technologies and modernization of the military.

Morales also explained that the armed forces have a nationalist character because, along with the social movements, they are the only ones who can guarantee that the natural resources of Bolivia would not return to being privatized.

Socialists, he added, because they work to distribute vouchers and rents, and because they contribute to national development with technology; and anti-imperialist because they are on the side of the people, for which they are appreciated by the Bolivians and when they were with the empire, they were disparaged.

Finally, the Bolivian president asked that the military institution work together more with the people in the development of the land.

Translation mine.

And people wonder what I see in Evo? Um, THIS is what. He’s plain friggin’ awesome and badass, is what he is.

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    the most bestest tank ever! we luv evo!

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