Tackling corruption, Venezuelan style


There’s been a lot of very predictable babble up here about how corrupt Venezuela is, how the government there is going to fall, blah blah blabbity blah blah. But so far, I haven’t seen any of the anglo whore media tackle this story from where it’s really at, so here goes a little something that they’re definitely NOT keen to report, and would like only too well to be able to sweep under the rug, as it totally nullifies their stupid little narrative:

On Monday, the revolutionary government will activate a centre of information for Venezuelans to make denunciations of acts of sabotage throughout the land.

The hotline, 0-800-SABOTAJE (0-800-722-68-253) will be active so that citizens can report any kind of irregularities that come up.

On September 12, President Nicolás Maduro explained that the line will be opened due to the economic war waged by the Venezuelan right-wing.

Maduro said that enemies of the revolutionary process were preparing a “plan of total collapse”, based on acts of economic destabilization, for which he called on the Venezuelan people to remain alert.

Last Friday, the Twitter account @NoAlSabotaje was activated so that Venezuelans could also denounce irregularities there.

The National Executive created the Superior Organ for Popular Defence of the Economy with the mission of guaranteeing supplies in the land and neutralizing all factors that would sabotage the economic life of the Venezuelan people.

The organization, which includes a civilian-military popular high command, will be presided by the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, and will function in Miraflores Palace, Caracas.

Members will also include the heads of the following ministries: Commerce, Alejandro Fleming; Food, Félix Osorio; Agriculture and Lands, Yván Gil; Communes, Reinaldo Iturriza; Women and Gender Equality, Andreína Tarazón; Youth, Héctor Rodríguez; Land Transportation, Haiman El Troudi; and Aquatic Transportation, Heberth García.

Translation mine.

It’s worth noting here that this Venezuelanalysis piece also talks about it a bit, placing the blame for the corruption and sabotage on the old capitalist Puntofijista state bureaucracy that Chavecito inherited (and Madurito, too). Those people are still in place, unfortunately, and seem to think they can’t be fired. But they can be bypassed, and at the highest levels of government, as Madurito and his ministers are showing by setting up the hotline right there in the palace. By bypassing the bureaucrats who are holdovers from the old, shitty pre-Chávez era, the corruption is most readily circumvented and tackled by those who are — or should be — really in charge. Namely, the Bolivarians.

We already know that power outages and food shortages are a time-honored way the opposition tries to manipulate public opinion and create panics and distaste for the government. It’s been done since pretty much the moment Chavecito took office, and it’s been going on in spurts ever since. Washington still insists on betting on these incompetents, idiots and corruptos, because they’re easy to bribe and manipulate (being supremely stupid, selfish and short-sighted themselves). But the majority of the Venezuelan people aren’t fooled, and Madurito’s approval ratings remain high, as do all those of PSUV candidates running in December’s municipal elections. Washington’s little darlings are riding so low that nothing short of sabotage will help them; but with their sabotages subject to public denunciation at the highest levels, starting today, that plan too will backfire mightily on them.

The only thing the opposition is going to win, at this rate, will be a race to the bottom.

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