The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 35


Letters discarded by Henrique Capriles Radonsky, during his last failed presidential campaign. Will he do the same with letters to the pope this time around?

Ah, the Venezuelan opposition. So pious. So democratic. So responsive to the voices of the citizenry. So…so…so full of shit:

On Sunday, the Archbishop of Caracas refused to allow opposition politician Henrique Capriles Radonsky to collect letters in the churches of Caracas, to be handed over to Pope Francis at his audience on November 6.

“The collection of letters to Pope Francis in the Catholic churches on the part of Governor Henrique Capriles has not been authorized by the Archbishop of Caracas,” said Monsignor Adán Ramírez, chancellor-secretary of the Archbishop of Caracas, in a press release on Sunday.

“This initiative may not take place nor be promoted in the churches but outside of them, as an independent and private activity by a group of persons,” the communiqué adds.

After the date of the audience between Capriles and the pope was announced, the governor of Miranda had proposed to take with him letters which the locals wanted to hand over in various churches on Sunday, to a hundred volunteers.

Although the church did not authorize the collection, Capriles assured in his press release that he wished for the audience “to be one more step toward understanding and reconciliation between all Venezuelans.”

The fate of the letters is unknown, given the mania of Capriles for dumping them on the road, as has already occurred several times when he was a candidate.

It is also probable that the letters of the faithful Mirandans will not be delivered to the pope, since the population of that state is angrier than hell over the noncompliances of its governor.

Translation mine.

He wishes for understanding and reconciliation? Well, looks like the Majunche hasn’t heard the crass but accurate North American saying to the effect that he could wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which fills up first. But then again, given his all too well-known predilections, he’s probably devoting both hands to the same purpose…and wishing and praying it ain’t. I just hope His Holiness doesn’t shake hands with him or let him kiss that ring; one never knows what he’ll catch.

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