The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 37


Gloria Torcat, councilwoman in Arismendi, Nueva Esparta, was beaten up on Saturday by two assailants on motorbikes.

Oh, that Venezuelan opposition. So unified. So democratic. So totally above beating people up. They keep telling us that’s for those nasty, rotten Chavistas. And then THIS happens:

After having suffered a beating to her face and various parts of her body, and making a denouncement before the Body of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC), councilwoman Gloria Torcat held a press conference to give details of the case.

Torcat announced that she would be retiring from the Democratic Unity coalition (MUD) and that in future, she would be supporting Luis Díaz, candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela for mayor of Arismendi.

Local media are waiting for a statement at any time from Richard Fermín, mayor or Arismendi municipality and former running mate of the victim.

Torcat, widow of Francisco Torcat, who was founder of the Primero Justicia party in Nueva Esparta state, was ambushed by two motorcyclists who took advantage of her being a woman and alone, and was beaten mercilessly. Later, the assailants fled.

In a telephone call to the Venezuelan News Agency, AVN, Torcat said that on Saturday she was threatened by a member of Fermín’s team, Luis “Tuti” Méndez, and that in the afternoon, she was ambushed by the two motorcyclists, who beat her about the face and arms.

“I was on my way to an activity when I was intercepted by two bikers, who immediately hit me in the face, and when I tried to cover my face, they hit my arms, and as they were attacking me, they said that I needed to learn to shut up,” Torcat said.

Translation mine.

Say, wouldn’t it be funny if Chavistas did that? Except that they never do, which is why Gloria’s changing sides to the one where the integrity is. And the humanity. Even though her late husband was a local founder of the Primero Golpistas…and she a running mate of the current oppo mayor, she still doesn’t feel that remaining loyal is worth it, because THIS is what they do to their own. And she’s taken it to the Venezuelan equivalent of the FBI, which spells serious trouble for the aptly acronymmed MUD.

Hey Majunche, this is why your side keeps losing. And why even putsches and coups can’t improve their situation for shit. It’s because they have literally nothing to offer, even to their own leaders.

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