Another big Bolivarian victory in Venezuela


Here it is, for all you doubters. Even at the municipal level, the PSUV and its allies dominated the leaderboard in yesterday’s elections…and the president of the land couldn’t resist getting a few well-aimed jabs in:

“Today, no room for doubt, we have won a great victory: the people of Venezuela have told the world that the Bolivarian Revolution goes on, stronger than ever,” said President Nicolás Maduro on Sunday, following municipal elections.

“Not even the economic war staged by the right can stop the Revolution,” he added.

He also said, in reference to the twice-losing candidate Henrique Capriles, “Here is your plebiscite, ‘Caprichito’. Arrogant, overbearing fascist. I hope you learn humility, that you will show your face before the land and resign from the political directorate of the [united opposition party] MUD.

“Defeat number 4 in a row for the MUD, and its corrupt leadership,” added Maduro. “Does nobody demand accounting over there? Four defeats in 14 months. Does no one there demand any accounting?”

Translation mine.

This comes after all kinds of efforts at economic and electrical sabotage, in an effort to make Madurito look bad. 58% of all Venezuelan mayoralties are now Chavista, and that’s a solid win. It’s also a testament to the unshakable faith of the PSUV’s supporters in their candidates, who have been under all kinds of siege ever since the electoral campaign began.

Yeah, I bet Majunche Capriles was nursing a red ass this morning. He took another embarrassing kicking there yesterday. First Chavecito, then Madurito, and now the municipal candidates of the PSUV/PCV coalition have handed it to him. Do you suppose that now, he’ll finally get down to the business of governing the state of Miranda? Or will he slink off to Miami, to lick his wounds there amid fawning sympathizers, while the trash keeps piling up in the ‘hood? Or does he have something darker in mind?


“If we don’t win all the mayoralties, we’re going to go out and kill Chavistas like we did on April 14 and 15! Let nothing stop us!”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that…and if it does, let’s hope the Bolivarian National Police are ready for them.

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