Police Navidad!

“When I blew, I blew a 2.1”? Silly gringo, that’s nothing. Check out what these Mexicans did:

The Secretariat of Public Security for the Federal District admitted 43 drivers to the Centre of Penal Administrative Sanctions, a.k.a. El Torito, on Christmas Eve, after catching them at various points through the “Drive Without Alcohol” program with blood alcohol levels of 0.4 percent.


In one of the locations in Iztapalapa, a driver in an advanced state of drunkenness flunked his blood-alcohol test, and upon being informed that he would be sent to El Torito, he faked a heart attack so that paramedics would come to his aid. But when they saw that he was in good health and only in an advanced state of inebriation, he was arrested and had to stay 36 hours in the centre.

Translation mine.

A BAC of 0.4 should leave one comatose, if not dead, and yet these guys were conscious enough to drive…though not to pass the local equivalent of the R.I.D.E. program. They also blew this epic drunken twit away.

I have to ask what the hell they ate for Noche Buena.

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