Sabotage in the Colombia peace process?


I wouldn’t be surprised…and neither would this guy:

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa alerted that revelations surrounding the participation of the United States in the 2008 attack against Colombian guerrillas on Ecuadorian soil could be a trap for boycotting the peace process in the neighboring land.

“We have to be very attentive, because this could be a dirty trick by the Colombian and international extreme right, to damage the peace process in Colombia and Ecuador-Colombia relations,” warned Correa, in his usual Saturday program, broadcast from the southwestern city of Guayaquil.

According to last Sunday’s Washington Post, the US supplied Colombia with GPS equipment, in order to determine the exact location of the targets and guide smart bombs to their objectives, even though they were in dense jungles.

The newspaper cited in particular the case of the assassination of FARC director Raúl Reyes, vice-chief of the guerrillas, on March 1, 2008, when the Colombian air force launched smart bombs at a camp located in Ecuador, one mile from the Colombian border.

After recounting that the CIA’s participation in the bombing on Ecuadorian soil was an open secret, Correa questioned the moment in which the so-called revelations emerged.

“No one will take away my impression that this is a dirty trick of the Colombian, North American and international far right, to boycott the peace process in Colombia, and the extaordinary relations which we have right now with the government of Juan Manuel Santos”, Correa reiterated.

The Ecuadorian president also rejected accusations that he was an accomplice of the FARC, which was foisted upon him recently by way of social networks by Colombian ex-president Álvaro Uribe, under whose government the attack on Ecuadorian territory took place.

“As I once said [to Uribe], I’ll gladly take a lie detector test to see if I ever met anyone from the FARC,” said Correa, who also advised the ex-president to do the same to prove that he never collaborated with the paramilitaries and narcotraffickers in his land.

“Don’t forget that that man was director of the air force in Medellín in the age of Pablo Escobar, but when it comes to CIA puppets, all that has to be hidden,” Correa remarked.

Translation mine.

Yeah, can’t you all just see El Narco, strapped into a polygraph? He’d flunk before the first question was put to him, because he’s such a fidgety, squirrely little man. And because cocaine is one helluva drug, as is paramilitarism. And because everyone knows he’s involved with both. STILL. That’s why he’s reduced to sniping at El Ecuadorable via Twitter and the like; it’s because he’s literally indefensible, and so are all his CIA buddies.

One almost feels sorry for them, until one remembers what a bunch of murderous shits they are. After all, that attack on Ecuadorian soil was a war crime, and innocent Mexican students died in it along with Raúl Reyes…remember?

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