Uribe’s Colombian putsch


Left to right: Fernando Londoño, Alejandro Ordóñez, and Álvaro Uribe.

Who are these three? Well, chances are you already know the third one as El Narco, if you read this blog on a regular basis. He’s the nasty little shit who used to be president of Colombia not so long ago. As for the other two…well, read on:

The procurator of Colombia, Alejandro Ordóñez, deposed Gustavo Petro, mayor of Bogotá, elected by popular vote, and prohibited him for 15 years from any public office. What the procurator did is a “soft” coup, in the style of those of Honduras and Paraguay.

It is a decision which he carried out along with his true boss, the ex-president Álvaro Uribe, and the fascist Fernando Londoño, ex-minister of justice and the Interior under Uribe, known in Colombia for his embezzlements of the Colombian state oil company, Ecopetrol.

He is the same prosecutor who barred senator Piedad Córdoba from office for 18 years, and also removed from office two parliamentarians (Piedad Córdoba and Gustavo Petro were both senators) who led hard debates in the Colombian congress over the nexus between Uribe and paramilitarism and the drug cartels in Colombia.

But there’s more. Petro, elected mayor, municipalized garbage collection and so confronted a mafia of garbage-collection companies. Between them, there is a nexus with the Uribe family via his wife. It was a most lucrative business, in which the companies divided the “market” and the profits in a city with eight million residents.

The decision to municipalize garbage collection was received with rage by the oligarchy and the powers-that-be in Colombia. And yesterday, by way of the Procurator, they committed a coup against the fragile democracy and the political rights of the people enshrined in the constitution.

Now the Procurator continues his inquisitorial career against the Peace Process in Havana. He says that there is no negotiated way out if the commanders of all levels of the FARC were sentenced to prison.


The Procurator is a cheap and powerful tool, controlled by the most obscure, violent and militaristic of forces. The people must mobilize, as they are doing right now, throughout the land with the aim of toppling Alejandro Ordóñez as procurator of the nation. He is a real risk for the future of Colombia in peace with social justice.

But not only him. The ex-president Uribe, and Londoño, who are the intellectual authors of the conspiracy against Petro, must also face trial.

So said the ex-constituent Otty Patiño, last night. It all began when Pacho Santos called consultant Rodrigo Rojas into his office in the “G Zone” of Bogotá to ask a favor of him. Upon request of Rodrigo Rojas, who did not want to go alone, Otty Patiño accompanied him to the secret meeting. There, Santos told them that he had privileged information of the imminent removal of Gustavo Petro, and for that reason, he was preparing a government plan to run for the mayoralty himself, but he would need a little help: that Rodrigo Rojas secure the endorsement of the Independent Social Alliance party (ASI), because after his defeat in the Uribist convention he had left very offended with them and would not run for that movement.

Patiño, who we know was a comrade of Petro’s in the M19 guerrillas, and who is also director of the observatory of the Secretariat of Culture in Bogotá, immediately sought an audience with the mayor to alert him of the revelation, even though Pacho Santos had asked him to keep it secret.

In the mayor’s office, however, they already had information of what was about to happen. Patiño could not meet directly with Petro because the leader was in New York, but another Rojas was in attendance; namely, Jorge Rojas, Secretary of Social Integration of Bogotá. The functionary told Patiño that the mayor had information over certain private meetings which took place between ex-president Uribe and ex-minister Londoño and the procurator, Ordóñez, in which they were cooking up the political death of Gustavo Petro.

Uribe and Londoño would remove from the political path one of their greatest detractors; at the same time, they would appease the wrath of Pacho Santos, supporting him for his imminent ascent to the mayoralty, while Ordóñez would make felt his authority in all corners of the land for a possible presidential candidacy with the aid of Uribism in 2018, without having to face a leftist contender like Gustavo Petro.

But Uribe, Londoño and Ordóñez didn’t reckon with the fact that Pacho Santos was not in agreement with this political plot, and was already seeking another way.

Translation mine.

So it looks like I was right, yesterday; Gustavo Petro was up against something a lot bigger than just a few lousy garbage collection companies. We can now see that he was up against no less than his old enemy, El Narco himself. And since El Narco’s wife had ties to the garbage rats, who of course were mafiosi (why, oh WHY am I not surprised?), it was inevitable that this would be the wedge they used to throw Petro out. With no popular support whatsoever for their plan…naturally. (Uribe, popular? Ha!)

But how terribly inconvenient for El Narco that his mayoral pick turned out to be an underling from the “Party of the U” whom he’d insulted and pissed off so badly that the latter now wanted nothing to do with him or his party anymore. Francisco “Pacho” Santos was hoping to become mayor, all right, but he was looking for other backing, and he was hoping Rodrigo Rojas would help him secure it. Too bad for him that the distrustful Rojas took along his friend Otty Patiño, who just happened to be Gustavo Petro’s old guerrilla comrade, for security…and, worse luck, Petro’s office was already, somehow, aware of the conspiracy through other sources, no doubt yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, here’s a TV interview with Otty Patiño, in Spanish:

Basically, Patiño iterates everything that the above article reveals.

As for how Petro knew…well, we shall await that revelation in due course, no?

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